How To Recognize Honest People In Your Life Who Are Real

Is asking for honesty from others, friends and foes, really too much to ask for. Is this the reason why we put more validity on those who appear genuine, while avoiding those who are egocentric with a ”me” first attitude. The problem becomes, those who are fake think that they’re being genuine.

So how do we detect, what the signs of those who exudes honesty are. Do they appear more straightforward and look you in the eye, while a fake person operates on their own agenda. What’s known is that for those who are authentic, cares about your opinions, this regardless of what they are.

What we’ll often associate authenticity with, are those who displays appealing positive traits, such as emotional resilience or strength of character. This because one being true to oneself, projects confidence and tenacity, which are traits that we respect.

Those who are also on a trek of self-improvement and discovery, means that they demand an effort of living a more authentic life for themselves, this by refining their habits, by making themselves more liked by everyone.

It’s found that moderation is the key, to not go overboard or too extreme, but to remain in the boundaries of our personalities.

Real People Have Internal Rather Than External Goals
Real people spend their time introspecting and exploring their own beliefs, goals, ideals, and expectations. This because these answers sets purpose in their life.

Identifying ones beliefs isn’t easy however, since they usually conflict with the preset standards that are regulated by their families, work, community, or culture. Authenticity is associated with standing out and up for yourself.


Real People Speak The Truth
Real people take the time to know what their opinions are, before they speak. Then there’s no apprehension on sharing what their thoughts are with others.

How they decide to share these opinions, also matters to them. They’re comfortable presenting their ideas, this without wanting to convince others that they’re right. They’ll just say what they need to say, and then move on.

Real People Pave Their Own Path
Being real aren’t about just saying what they really think, but it’s also about how they act, as they take action on their convictions. Being guided by internal goals means not needing to follow others, to reach their goals.

Real people as a result paves their own unique path, when it comes to their purpose and their passions, often creating new ways to do so. Taking risks however comes with its pitfalls.

Real People Expect Failure
The reason why most will follow traditional routes, is because they think they’re safe and proven, a road map that is comfortable. Genuine people, would rather take the road less traveled.

They know taking a risk eventually enters the equation, which can also lead to failure. So what they do is embrace it.

They invite failure as an integral part of their quest, a source of discovery, a method of eliminating what works and what doesn’t work. They find failure as a lesson, and it’s never threatening.

Real People Admit Their Mistakes
To expose the truth, what’s needed is gauging ones gut feeling, this by being completely honest with their beliefs and behavior, which includes facing all the negatives head-on.

Real people make it a priority, to recognize their deficiencies and acknowledge them, then take responsibility for their actions. They own up to their failures and mistakes, which extends beyond how they view themselves.

Real People Never Judge Others
Those who are genuine, would rather work on their own faults. They recognize but will not judge the strength or weaknesses of others, this by accepting them as who they are.


They have a fundamental understanding on the complexity of humans, so they refuse to treat others with preconceived expectations or bias. This allows for better perspective, with more direct and accurate interactions and relationships.

Real People Have Stable Self-Esteem
Real people have strong self-esteem, which isn’t too high or too low. Narcissists are known to have extremely high self-esteem, but it’s also extremely brittle once attacked. Those who have low self-esteem, just crumble.

What real people are able to do is absorb and tolerate rejection, failure, and criticism at all times, treating them as building blocks. They also readily admit their faults, while accepting doubt, since they’re never threatened by their imperfections.

The definition of having strong self-esteem, is that it rarely wavers, while having the ability to absorb both negative and positive feedback. They acknowledge all the aspects of their character along with others, just to see where the pieces fit in.

Real People And The Leadership Connection
Real people who are able to grow and mature, are the ones who are often recognized, and then promoted to positions of authority, such as leadership and management roles in the workplace.

This usually without having any formal training, as their track record and presence is proof enough. Although most will rise to the occasion and then function as expected, others may experience an adjustment period.

Real People Learn As They Grow
What genuine people who has natural leadership and management qualities will do, is avoid failing in their roles at all costs. They reset themselves everyday, to build on what they’ve learned in the past.

This is the reason why these individuals, who’s demonstrated competency and good performance in the past, are more than likely to grow and succeed into these leadership and management roles.

What they understand, is that their leadership skills need to be learned, as they are different from content driven positions, and at times the learning curve might be steep.

But what they do is believe, quickly learn on their feet and adapt to any new style or method. They realize that leadership is a quality they don’t fear, and are determined to overcome them.

They’re likely to initially feel uncomfortable and intimidated by the expectations which are thrust upon them, but they have what it takes and will eventually conquer them.