How To Know And Put A Dead Stop To Your Bad Eating Habits

someone who is indulging in a piece of cakeFor you, it may be a common scenario, and that’s you munching away at a bag of chips while watching television, entirely unaware that you’re doing so since it’s an auto pilot response putting junk food into your mouth.

At times, it can become an inhaling process when it comes to your food, attempting to set a personal record. These traits should sound familiar since it’s a common occurrence for many who are guilty of these poor eating habits. The good news is that you’re definitely not alone.

On a annual basis, there are millions who spend countless hours gorging away, but are wanting to stop this bad behavior. The majority however fail, the reason being that it’s difficult to stop an action, which has become a routine, and thus habitual.

So it’s recognized that there’s a strict discipline which is required to overcome a habit, such as this one, especially when it comes to anything enjoyable as food.

A Definition Of A Habit
According to experts, a habit whether it’s good or bad, is an action that we undertake without thinking about it, which becomes a subconscious event. If we think that this habit is something that’s undesirable, we’ll then brand it as a “bad habit.”

This bad habit is also one which we’re likely to voluntarily try to stop, this once we take the time to realize it, and then will consciously put forward an effort to stop it.

What Motivates Bad Eating Habits
As is the case with the majority of bad habits, there are a variety of forces which can drive people towards eating bad food consistently. There’s a few characteristics which are constant with most bad eating habits:


• We overeat because of convenience
• Eat excessively because it’s a stress reliever
• There’s a complete lack of discipline

The following is a list of bad eating habits which the majority of individuals will have in common.

For The Love Of Junk Food
The reason: Lets face it, the majority of junk food tastes good. If you’re able to rewrite the recommended foods in a food guide, you would most definitely include junk food as a major food group.

The reason why it’s a bad habit: Convenience
There’s a reason why junk food is labelled “junk.” Your typical junk food is completely lacking in nutrition, and just horrible for you. Snack foods are also rarely filling, forcing you to overindulge.

The main reason why the majority of diets don’t work today is because they’re boring. These dieters get tired of eating the same bland food on a daily basis, and indulging in that piece of junk food offers a convenient escape.

So don’t self sabotage yourself and become a victim to this convenience. Some healthy foods can at times offer the same variety of tastes as junk food can, but to switch over requires self motivation.

To begin, find some inspiration for different ways of preparing healthy food from outside sources. Do something different such as enrolling in a cooking class, and who knows, you may even find a diet partner.

You Just Simply Overeat
The reason: You just ignore all of the pleas and screams from your satiated stomach, while you continue to cram bite after delicious bite of food down your throat.

The reason why it’s a bad habit: Complete lack of discipline
Overeating most often occurs because of intense hunger. So to effectively battle this instinct, if at all possible, try eating something before you actually become hungry.

When you do eat, eat as slowly as possible while savoring each and every bite. It actually takes the brain longer to register that your stomach is full, once you swallow the food.


So just slow down the pace when you eat, and try keeping your portions at reasonable sizes as well. Also try bringing more of this discipline into all areas of your life. Begin by getting yourself as organized as possible, which is an excellent way to start.

You Eat Too Fast
The reason: You feel that each and every meal that you eat is a time trial, and you’re always trying to beat your personal record.

The reason why it’s a bad habit: Stress
If you’ve been stressed out lately, have a lot on your mind, then the chances are good that it’ll show up in your eating habits. The solution is to be conscious about it as possible, and attempt to slow down.

You can begin by avoiding those quick and easy finger foods, but instead choose foods which actually require using utensils, and requires time to eat. Tackle the problem by also knowing some stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, or yoga.

You Mindlessly Munch Away
The reason: The moment you flick on your TV to watch your favorite program, you’ll naturally hit cruise control, and then stop paying attention to the food which flows into your mouth. The hour just flies by.

The reason why it’s a bad habit: Lack of discipline
Mindlessly eating junk food can actually be a symptom for a variety of reasons. It could be because of a buildup of stress, and you attempting to take your mind off your troubles, or you have a habit of eating your dinner while watching your favorite sports program, TV show, or a movie.

Whatever the reason may be, you need to stop this poor habit. Begin by attempting to identify what the root of the problem is, and if at all possible, just stop it.

Do so by separating eating food from watching television for a while. If you really need to snack, then have a suitable portion to eat before you sit down. Try eating all of your major meals only when you’re completely engaged.

You Go Off The Bend
The reason: You’re completely disciplined in your eating habits during the week, but then you completely let loose on the weekends, such as during football Sunday, or at a party, and stuff yourself with food.

The reason why it’s a bad habit: Poor discipline
Whether you’re attempting to lose weight, or maintain it, during the week you work hard in doing so. But then you become completely unhinged once the weekend rolls around, and you binge eat.

Also, if you eat in excess when you go out, then eat something light beforehand to reduce the hunger. Don’t restrict yourself too much during the week, so that once the weekend rolls around, it’s then less of a treat to overeat that much.

Taking One Step At A Time
There’s absolutely no way that anyone can go entirely guilt-free when it comes to pleasuring the taste buds. So the first step to take is recognizing the problem as well as your weaknesses.

For any change to occur, to be able to break a habit, you need to completely reevaluate your relationship with food, reexamine your motivation for wanting to lose weight, and know your goals.

Find and know what your areas of weakness are, and then begin working on them slowly. Always believe that you can successfully attack any goal that you set out, or break any bad habit.

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