How To Keep Your Mobile Devices As Safe and Secure As Possible

gettingthebestmobilesecurityMobile devices because of their portability, vulnerability and popularity are becoming prime targets for unwanted security based threats such as: malware, spyware and data theft.

So it’s becoming vitally important to make sure that you have the best updated security measures that’s possible on your devices to avoid any potential damage, such as theft of delicate mobile information and much more.

So listed are usable tips which will help you in keeping all your mobile devices such as your smartphones and tablets as safe and secure as possible.

Steps For Mobile Device Safety

• Make sure that you’re constantly updating your mobile device’s software to it’s latest version. These mobile devices all have built in multiple security features in their operating systems as well as software. One of the best ways to keeping your smartphone as safe as possible is to just keeping your OS as well as the firmware updated at all times.

• Make sure that your mobile device is locked with a secure password. The majority of mobile devices will usually have some type of secure password feature which prevents intruders or even family members from accessing them.

Some of these advanced password protection security measures has the ability to be able to completely lock your device or even automatically delete all of the stored data after there has been too many failed password attempts.

• Never install any apps from unknown website or software vendors. Make sure that you completely read all of the customer reviews as well as researching the app developer before downloading any of these apps, regardless of how great or enticing they may be.


Although the majority of them are usually screened as well as considered safe, there’s always that chance that there’s potentially a malicious app which squeezes through the cracks.

• Make sure that you install only the verified trusted security apps with features which complements your mobile device’s built-in tools. For example, Trend Micro’s Mobile Security app, which offers an annual subscription fee as well as a free trial, is equipped with dedicated mobile web security, anti-malware, and a host of other services, all specific for the Android based mobility devices.

• If you happen to be using a business based smartphone or tablet PC, make sure that you know the company’s mobile policies as well as whether or not the information and data which is sent to and from the mobile devices are encrypted or not. Encryption is an excellent way of securing data transfer transmissions while preventing any data loss.

• There’s a lot of businesspeople who will use their mobile devices so they can access private enterprise networks. If you’re someone who does this, make sure that you always sign/log out right after you use it and never stay connected to the company’s network for longer than you need to.

• Avoid storing any critical information or data on your mobile device, or keep it at a bare minimum. If it happens to be a laptop, netbook or tablet PC, doing so can be difficult to avoid, so make sure that you have “iron-clad” encryption as well as password protection.

For all smartphones, make sure that you don’t save any important documents or data, credit or debit card information, or any other critical information on the device, at least not without using proper backup.

• Never save any usernames or passwords on your mobile device and make sure that you sign or log out of all your accounts directly after use. Make sure that you clear all cookies as well, if possible.

Also clear all of your Internet browsing history daily or as periodically as you can. What this does is it will prevent any saved passwords from being potentially stolen if you happen to lose your device.

• Make sure that you install some type of tracking app or a device locator software program so you’ll be able to track all of your mobile devices if they happen to be lost or stolen.

Apple Ahead Of The Curve
Apple has created a free app that’s called Find My iPhone, which also happens to work on the iPad as well. This handy app allows you to be able to track the exact location of any iOS based device. These types of apps can be extremely helpful if you accidentally leave your iPhone at the local coffee shop, airport or any other location.


• Make sure that you install a data-wipe application on your mobile device. When it comes to the point where you absolutely believe that your mobile device may be forever permanently lost or stolen, it’s then a good idea to be able to remotely wipe out all of the data permanently from the device as a last resort and security measure.

The Find My iPhone app also does exactly that for you, as well as it being able to locate your mobile device. Any mobile device can obviously be replaced, but it’s critical to be able to protect all of your sensitive information which is stored on them.

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