How To Go From Being Average To Becoming A Superpower Human

being above averageThe majority of the population, most likely you and I, are average or slightly below average on the grid when it comes to human achievement. We like to swim with the tide, conform, obey and do and say what others do. We behave like sheep, to be average.

We enjoy to be as normal as possible so we won’t look out of place. As a result, the majority of us are boring and redundant. But if you want to improve, get better, move ahead and above the crowd, become the top percentile of performers, doing so is possible.

This in a world where the statistics don’t lie, that the bulk of the population chooses to or remains as normal as possible when it comes to fulfilling potential. This is known as our comfort zone.

This is not intended as a slight or to be an insult to the masses. Any statistic can be misleading as there are always extremes in any group, which can make the average medium misleading, this especially when the floor begins above zero.

So if you’re wanting to get better, it’s easier than you might think to improve your overall performance, and begin to station yourself above average when it comes to achievement, this in any endeavor that you pursue.

But then, just a few succeed, however, this because most will get intimidated and just choose to give up trying before they even begin.

There are a few proven steps that you can take to rise above the ordinary, the crowd, to get better, to jump from substandard to becoming an amazing human being.

Always Be Thinking Ahead
It’s pretty obvious that the greatest of leaders view the future differently. The same principles can apply to anyone who wants to improve themselves in any field. You’ll increase the odds of succeeding once you begin with a goal, have an end game in mind.

The most prolific individuals when asked, will give the advice that you should map out what you want to do, such as your career path. One way is picking a mentor, research them and then emulate them, follow their path by tracing their steps backwards.

Always Place Others First
Although there are some who are extremely arrogant and selfish who has achieved amazing results, but selflessness is always morally recommended as a trait to have.

Whenever we envision the future, specifically how we want others to react and see us, you need to decide on the best path to get there. When dealing with others, you want people to like you. You want people to buy from you in good faith. You’re wanting others to tell their friends about you.

Become As Competent As Possible
Being proficient at something becomes important. You don’t need to be the premier expert in your field, but what you need is the core knowledge to know enough of whatever it is that you’re representing.

So if your field is Social Media marketing, you need to learn the basics. Don’t just proclaim that you’re a social media “expert,” but instead begin by putting in the work and then lead by example.

Set Your Own Goals
What the majority of those who remain average fail to do is establish their end goals on whatever it is they’re chasing. What they then end up doing is fulfilling the dreams of someone else instead.

They chase a career that others have chosen for them, or follow the life choices which someone else has made for them. Then they find it difficult to succeed, or are unsatisfied once they reach their goal, and then can’t figure out why.

Always Treat Others With Respect
It’s always important to treat others, everyone, friend or foe with respect at all times. This includes from the basic rights to the grandiose, as what you need is their support for you to become successful. You can’t expect anyone to help you out if you treat them poorly.

It also becomes difficult to treat others with respect, if you don’t respect yourself first. Always be setting the tone on how you expect others to treat you, which is with respect as well.


Be Honest Always Show Transparency
What you’re not expected to do is reveal all of your secrets, but always be honest and showing transparency at all times, this especially when you’re asked.

Whenever we hold back information that others could find useful, this so they could make a better decision, we do so because we’re afraid. We fear that they’ll find a better solution, or achieve more success with the information that we provide them, which only makes them become disappointed in us.

So transcend all of your fears by revealing yourself. What you risk by revealing becomes secondary compared to the potential gains that you’ll get back in gaining their trust, along with other benefits.

Always Leverage Technology Properly
We now live in an era of technology that’s unprecedented. As a result, those in the know can take advantage, they can instantly jump ahead of their competition, this simply by knowing and applying the new technology to their favor before they do.

It doesn’t even need to be groundbreaking or that dramatic. You could be the first in your industry, for instance, to use mobile marketing to draw in more customers and sales to your service.

You could be the first person in your company to use Facebook advertising, this to precisely pinpoint and attract targeted customers, this more cheaper and more effectively, this to make you a superstar performer, and rise above the crowd.

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