How To Get That Swagger That Purpose Back Into Your Step

stutter in stepThere’s so much that you can do in your life right now, so much effort that you can expend, so many times that you can say “I will.” There are limited times that you can do all your favorite things in life, this before they get tiring, until they become mundane and boring.

What we’re all familiar with is the feeling of routine, this because of repetition to the point of it feeling unworthy or even uncomfortable. Then your motivation begins to waver, as you start to lose that spark, that fire you once had about your work, relationships, or activities.

Life sort of then becomes a bit drab. The enjoyment is lost, and you’re no longer enthused about things that interested you in the past. You’ve come to a standstill in life, that same-old same-old.

You begin to feel stuck, thinking that you’ve been there done that. It’s not uncommon as life rolls along, to hit points where you begin to feel depleted and worn out by the daily grind. Stuck in second gear as dissatisfaction sets in, the joy dissipates.

Cheer Up Sunshine
Just believe that you’re ready to reset all of your life experiences, even just a bit, and then make routine such as work become more bearable again, as there are gradual steps to get that swagger back.

Get Yourself A Bit Uncomfortable
Getting unstuck and getting your groove back requires the willingness to do routine differently. You need to get out of your comfort zone, which can at times be unsettling, but do it anyways.

It’s better than being, staying, stuck as that’s not comfortable either, so move forward by doing things a little differently, more interesting, and then notice what you’re feeling as you do so.

Our emotions react to what works and what doesn’t. Exhilaration at times can masquerade anxiety. Excitement often feels like fear. Feeling uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing, so begin exploring new and exciting phases in your life and see what sticks.

Focus By The Minute
Stop worrying what you’ll be doing next week, by focusing on right now. Our lives are bridged together by scores of smaller moments. If you do something right now that feels good, engages you with interest, it will propel you into the moment after that.

What you can then do is create an entire storybook of happy events, paying attention and investing in that moment, then the next. Start by maximizing this very second, make it feel good, your future depends on it.

Do Something Nice For Someone
It’s difficult to feel mundane about yourself once you extend out to help others. This is one of the simplest ways of getting back in the game of life.

So go shovel a sidewalk of snow, go make a favorite stew for your neighbor, call a friend for lunch and pick up the tab, volunteer at the local food bank.

Make the world a better place for someone, this by breaking away from yourself and your indulging patterns to something more worldly, something neighborly. Showing gratitude is a guarantee to boost your mood, putting strut back into your step.

Stop Doing The Things You Don’t Like
Stop doing things out of habit, things that have no meaning to you. We’re always shifting, expanding, improving, so our needs and values should shift accordingly, and grow with the times.

So make sure you alter your routine to accommodate this growth. Change things up, don’t procrastinate and repeat the same behavior, this because once you get bored, the inspiration is lost.

Refresh Yourself Constantly
Studies show that simple acts such as washing your hands and splashing your face with water, psychologically cleans off the state of a muddled confused mind, providing for a clean fresh start.

So make it a ritual, do it deliberately and mindfully. Become present to it right now, feel the water, the cleansing of the soap, then force your thoughts to change and flow down the drain as well. Do something slightly different to symbolize a new start.


Become Mindful And Regroup
Look at where you’re spending the majority of your time. Are they just the essentials. Do they inspire, excite, or energize you. Have they become habits because you’ve always done them.

Drop the “should do” from your life if you don’t need to do them. Break away from the routine of those things you don’t like doing that much, things that no longer aligns with your values or wants.

Instead, do meaningful things by replacing what you “should” be doing with the things or events that better fits where you are right now. Things which inspires, injects meaning, while providing growth and room to expand.

Create Something New
We’re creative beings, so begin to feel accomplished whenever you expand and then develop yourself. Learn to create something new and exciting on a daily basis.

Get outdoors and work in the garden, write more, invent or try a new recipe. Choose to walk to work, start a new workout routine, develop new events to look forward to.

What feeling stuck does is it leaves one feeling tethered on a single path, so break away. Once you feel that you’re locked into the same patterns, the same routine, life then begins to feel empty and repetitive.

Make it a priority to develop a new future, then what you’re doing is moving up the rung, while freeing yourself to explore your life more viscerally, emotionally, and spiritually.

What this injects is energy and excitement, giving you passion and the will to laugh again. This places a new spring in your step, and then just like that, you’re no longer spinning your wheels.

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