How To Get That Delicate Balance In Your Life Health And Work

balancing out your lifeWe’ve all witnessed it, we’ve seen intelligent educated individuals who’s created a life they’ve desired, somehow self destruct, they giving up or giving in for one reason or another, becoming consumed with despair and anger.

The mystery is why this happens, there are many theories, while there’s no accurate way of knowing the motivation of their intent or their thoughts. What we all fail to do is realize that we can lose our way, forget our resolve, while deleting all the information from our conscious minds.

It becomes too difficult to take all the data which streams past our senses. We see the faults in the opinion of others but not our own. Regardless of social status, gender, or beliefs, everyone is vulnerable to this tendency.

To become successful human beings, while having a cosmic point of view, we need to understand how we gather information, and have a method to make sure that it’s accurate.

What we need to increase is the efficiency of our thoughts, this through examining the three major tipping points of our lives, which is our bodies, our work, and our relationships.

Finding The Balance In Your Life
When it comes to these basic areas of successful human living, there are painful truths that we all need to face, to adapt, to know which areas where we’re inadequate in. Some may be chronically obese, constantly poor, or are unlovable.

Although most of us are wise, god fearing, or fearless, we’re also lazy, confused, dishonest, and can act immature, hoping that the world would recognize our genius. Why should anyone listen to us, when we refuse to communicate honestly with ourselves.

Movies and TV shows, when developing their fictional characters, will just create a flaw in one of these three life faults, health, wealth, or love, and then write plot situations which teaches them life lessons they need to develop or heal.

Successful advertising is based strictly on hitting the panic button on one of these core personal human issues. They know we’re all seeking to find love, earn more money, or improve our health.

Once you understand and hit one of these “hot” buttons of any human, you’ve cornered them, as we’re constantly looking to balance out one of these areas.

How You View Your Physical And Emotional Self
Our bodies are created on how we behave. It obeys the laws of physics, it will balance calories in and calories out. But usually, our emotions will get in the way. This although some have more active metabolisms than others.

What reality dictates is that some of us are born into poverty. If poor, then it becomes a bigger battle to reach success, but there are countless examples of those who beat the odds.

To become successful, if you’re wanting to be happy, study what the successful are doing, and keep away from those who are negative. There’s no obligation that you need to meet anyone’s standards.

You’re obligated to be healthy, generate energy, while matching just your own values. If you’re not sure, then look into a mirror and honestly determine how emotionally and physically attractive you are.

Controlling Your Finances And Career
To remain solvent, what we need to do is exceed income over expenditure. Our careers also determines how happy or content we are. If you’re miserable at your job, then it’s your responsibility to make changes.

There are those who spend their entire lives blaming, cursing their jobs and their unhappiness because of it. They don’t realize that it’s their lack of courage, motivation, being lazy is what keeps them in their joyless existence.

The flow of money is based on a variety of things, including we demanding to be paid what we’re worth, how we serve our community, and the intelligence along with the discipline on how we manage our finances.


Creativity, determination, empathy, honesty, all factors into the equation. You can either find a way to make more money, or just develop a way to find more satisfaction within the current financial level that you’re in.

Dealing With Your Relationships
The truth of any relationship is that, if you can afford it, then you can have any type of love you want. The coin being intelligence, health, passion, confidence, and self respect.

Both men and women will always get into difficulty once they become involved with those who are more attractive than they are, and won’t or can’t be honest about it.

Women will constantly complain that all men want is beauty, while men will complain that women are just gold diggers. Regardless, these are the instincts of our gender.

The sooner that you get over this, the faster that you can make decisions regardless of the level of beauty or power that you’re willing or able to manifest in your life, this to get what you want.

Life isn’t fair, men and women will constantly feel that they’re at a disadvantage. The less successful or unattractive that the gender is, the less likely that they’ll gain on this imbalance.

Our Body Our Money Our Relationships
These are the primary motivations of our lives. If we’re not able to understand or communicate with our own psyche first, then how are we expected to effectively understand someone else.

Self mastery is a journey and not a destination. We all can’t be millionaires, beauty queens, have a bodybuilders physique, be married to a movie star, this to feel our life is complete.

All we should be wanting is better health, enough money, and a suitable relationship, and then adjust accordingly, accept our flaws. What we then learn is the truth of what or who we are, as knowing so will set you free.

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