How To Get More Out Of Life By Becoming Likeable

What we all have, is this innate desire to become more likeable and successful in our lives, this at everything we do. What’s proven, is that there are certain ways, a protocol of sorts, that you can follow on how to become more adorable yourself, once following a few steps. Then, getting that you want in life, may not be as difficult as it may appear.

There are certain universal keys to achieving success, and it’s happening to those around you. It begins by always placing others first. Try to be as pleasant as possible, this by developing your personality. What having a positive mindset does, is it helps attract what you want towards you, as everything will begin to flow your way.

What’s found important, is to always be listening. Concisely listening to what others have to say, picking up on their subtle cues and gestures, when wanting to develop personal and professional relationships. This is a trait however, that many fail to do.

What most have is a habit of just glossing over what they hear, while having selective listening. They have their own agenda in mind, as they’re too busy thinking, or holding their breath waiting for you to stop talking, so they can start talking themselves.

So unlike most people, what you should be doing is learning how to listen to others better, with empathy. This is one way, of getting them to like you more, and as a result, will want to help you somehow, in getting what you want.

Always Help Others Out

Whenever you want something from someone, instead of confronting them, demanding or asking them, help them out first, by asking them want they want, and if you can, provide it.

Begin by asking “Is there anything that you need?” Since most just want to help themselves, once you want to help someone, and appear genuine about it, you’ll stand out. But don’t be too overbearing or eager, as that becomes too obvious and annoying.

Those that you help out, are then obligated to help you back somehow, in any way that they can. So begin by helping others first, without you expecting anything back in return, and eventually you should be rewarded.

Become Vulnerable Transparent And Likeable

What some business professionals such as CEOs have, is a difficult time being authentic, transparent, and connecting with people, especially at their workplace.

What their ego dictates, is that they don’t show their vulnerable side, this especially towards those they don’t know.

Many are also not sure how much of themselves, that they should be disclosing online, or at the office, to those that they’ve just met. Although opening themselves up may initially be difficult, what displaying personality and vulnerability does, is it breeds trust.

Once others feel that they can trust you, they’ll then begin to do things for you. So begin showing your human side to others, your sense of humor, and then the returns will come back to you.

Never “Sell” But Tell

Listening is important, but eventually you’ll need to tell others what you want. One thing that people despise, is being sold or told what to do. Whether it’s a product or a service, an idea or yourself, avoid “selling” anything.

Instead, you should be focusing on telling a story, and captivating your audience, painting a picture on what the future may bring. Once you do so, you’ll get what you’re after sooner.

Once you get better at doing this, once you refine telling stories, then people will want to take part, and they’ll also want to help you and others to become part of that story as well.

Inject Passion Into Everything

What displaying emotion does, is it becomes contagious. What showing no passion means, is that you’re cold and you don’t care that much about anything, giving others a reason why they shouldn’t care either.

If you want something, then you need to get more excited and completely dedicated, more than everyone else. If you don’t show passion, you’re telling everyone that it’s not really that important to you.


But we know that not everyone is highly energetic or an extrovert, which helps when conveying passion. You also shouldn’t overdose of caffeine, and then begin bouncing off the walls so you can convince someone to do something.

All that you need, is to reveal that you’re a truly passionate person about something, and then be completely genuine and honest about it.

Surprising And Rewarding Others

What everyone loves, are rewards and surprises. The anticipation that they’ll be getting something, or they’re about to win something. They’ll then keep those positive experiences alive, even if they don’t actually receive or win it.

Once you suddenly surprise or delight someone, not only are you making them happy, you’re also reminding them that you may be the type of person, who might surprise them again, sometime soon.

Some examples include: bringing home a bouquet of flowers or a pizza, to your spouse for no reason. Giving a customer further discounts, while their order will arrive sooner with free shipping, or randomly emailing someone that they’ve won a free prize.

So once you go out of your way, and then make some type of experience special, especially when they’re least expecting it, you’ll then reap the rewards over time.

The Two Most Important “Words” In Life And Business

Saying that you’re sorry, remains one of the hardest words say. So make it a point but don’t make it too obvious, to say that you’re sorry, whenever you make a mistake, forget, or if you’re late. Also make sure to say “Thank you,” as often as you can.

These two words are extremely simple to say, but difficult for many to express. Most just overlook the importance of them, as everyone makes mistakes, but aren’t accountable for them. The issue isn’t if a mistake is made, it’s admitting that you’ve made one.

Some are just too embarrassed or too proud, that they’ve made some type of blunder. Even if the mistake is just partially your fault, apologize anyways. Learn to say “I’m sorry” often, and allow them to forgive you. This way, you can move on, and you’ll also get what you want.

Sincere gratitude, is an extremely powerful emotion, that opens up a lot of doors. Saying “I’m Sorry” or “Thank You” does is places you in the good graces of others, that you’re a genuine likeable person.