How To Get Anything You Want By Working Smarter Not Harder

you can control your destinyWe’re taught to do things the hard way, to work hard, this in order to get what we want. But what if that’s not true, that life is easy and a wonderful experience. That miracles do happen, and that you have this power within you to make them manifest in your life right now.

The universe loves us and it wants to help, that there’s wealth and health available for anyone who seeks it out. That we don’t need to live in a world of scarcity but of abundance. All you need to do is apply the right thought form, this in order to reveal this reality.

The application is simple and easy to learn, to get whatever it is in life that you want. This however remains difficult for most to grasp, this since the majority of us are programmed to do everything the hard way.

That in order to get what we want, what we need to do is apply excessive labor, exert sweat and tears, thinking that we can’t overcome the obstacles, insecurities, and the misery.

Life Is Dangerous
These “life is difficult” conditions were programmed, imbedded deep within us when we were kids. As children, we were bombarded with thoughts from adults, with good intentions, that life is hard, that life is full of struggle and we can’t get what we want.

We’re taught that we need to struggle in a hazardous world and universe, where it would take revenge on us if and whenever we did something wrong. That if we were bad, that karma would strike us with illness or despair.

What we’ve been told is that life isn’t of equal opportunity, so what we do is live our life in fear, thinking that life is dangerous, full of conflict and pain.

Adopting A Different Mindset
But what if we were told the truth. That life is easy, that miracles can happen at will, and that we possess the power to make them happen. That there’s wealth and health within reach for everyone.

How different would your life be if your parents and our educators would of taught us this truth, that you can get what you believe. There would be less suffering, less fear, less thinking that you’re going to perpetually fail, that you’re not good enough.

A World Of Freewill
What if we were told right from the beginning that we were special, had extraordinary powers, that we’ve been created for a reason, that we have unique talents and abilities, possessing the power to manifest miracles.

That we were placed on this earth for a purpose, to fulfill and assume the mission we were intended to do, and do so right from the beginning. We’re all born with natural talents, and our life purpose is to develop them as our contribution to the world.

We’re told that our sole purpose in life, our destiny is to reveal and then take advantage of this unique talent that we’re born with, and once you do so, you’ll then be guaranteed with riches, love, and everything else that you’ve ever wanted.

Remove The Barriers
It’s an easy concept, all you need to do is just believe, this by thinking that you deserve happiness, wealth and health in your life. These are the intended thoughts that are based on the principles of the creation of the Universe.

We were all born great, lovable, and rich. We were born free, intelligent, and perfectly healthy and beautiful. This is how we were created. This is the true reveal of ourselves.

From the day that we were born, however, we’re forced or taught to do things in a certain way, usually negative and detrimental. We’re blunted with being told what we couldn’t do.

But the good news is that we can reprogram ourselves at this very moment, once we have the awareness to realize that we can. We have the ability to change and replace our brain with new beliefs.

It begins with thinking that you deserve this, that life is wonderful, this because a single positive thought is 1000 times more powerful than a negative one.


Removing The Negative Thoughts
It’s up to you to turn around your negative programming and then replacing them with positive ones, filling your mind with empowerment, and then becoming relentless about it.

You need to start right now, and once you do, you’ll gain traction and these positive thoughts will begin to manifest themselves, becoming infectious and a habit. The miracles that you need will then begin to arrive at the precise moment you need them.

Altering Your Thoughtform
So begin every morning with gratitude, be thankful for the condition of your current life, be thankful to the Universe for your living quarters, the loving people who you’re surrounded with, the food that nourishes you.

Be thankful for the life choices that you’ve made, the love that you’ll receive in your life, and the love that you’ll give out to others. Be thankful for the air that you breath, and the miracles that you’re able to experience.

Surround yourself with people and things that are positive, and refrain yourself from negative talk and gossip. Force yourself to just experience the things which are enlightening.

Make every effort to remove all the negatives from your life, write them out, and then begin replacing them with positive thoughts. You’ll then be in complete control your life, and no one can ever tell you what to do ever again.

Make it your choice and life pursuit. Realize that every thought you think from this moment on will either strengthen or weaken you. It’s your life, so remove all of the barriers that you don’t want in it.

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