How To Download Free Music For MP3s – eMusic Sells Music Directly Through AT&T

eMusic has recently signed a deal with AT&T, the mobile phone carrier, to offer its downloadable free music service through the mobile provider’s cell phones, thus removing the necessity to use your computer to access eMusic’s catalog of music artists.

Up until now, a computer was required to access and purchasing songs from the eMusic’s store, which is at number two in the nation next to Apple’s iTunes. eMusic, focusing on independent indie type of music labels has been their primary market, and this niche has worked rather well for them, enabling unknown new artists to gain high recognition in finding audiences.

The same indie music concept also extends to their buying consumers that are constantly looking to find new music other than the top 40. With the new partnership between and AT&T, its users will be able to find new and upcoming artists just as easily as finding their favorite top mainstream artists.

So does this not create a conflict between the marriage between the iPhone and AT&T? It appears AT&T already has this angle covered, which is, they are focusing on the Apple follower as well as music lovers that don’t yet have an iPhone. While you can enjoy iTunes for those who has an iPhone, you cannot buy from other music providers as emusic with the iphone device.

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eMusic distinguishes itself as the top site for independent music. It currently has a database of over 2.5 Million MP3s from over 90,000 albums. eMusic is different from other services as they offer MP3s that are completely free from copy protection. This equates to eMusic customers owning 100% of the music they download. The MP3’s play on all portable music formats (yes, including the iPod etc.).


Other downloadable digital music services has either an extra fee for downloading additional music or simply do not offer eMusic’s flexibility that they provide for their customers. eMusic is also international and not restricted just to North America. Any customer from any where in the world can download music from eMusic.

Get 25 FREE Music Downloads for your iPod® or any MP3 player!

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