How To Change Your Angst And Struggles Into Greater Success

workingtowardssuccessThere are a few things that we can’t escape in life, and most of them will be encountered at one time or another. Vices will invariably catch up to us when we least expect it. Karma or some great divine is keeping track of our guilt, and will resolve themselves eventually.

What we’re constantly forced is to face adversity often because of our poor judgment, oversight, and our mistakes. Although we may not always have control once the hardship of fate strikes, what we can do is control what we allow to affect or harm us.

Difficulties, the circumstances of life will always arise and confront us. The true measure of someone when it comes to their character, is how they rebound from adversity or struggle.

Realize That No One’s Perfect
Perfection doesn’t exist, and anyone who claims it does are delusional and doesn’t have a grip on life. Perfection is a myth. We also can’t avoid or correct our faults, poor decisions, as we’ll inevitably make them.

We constantly make errors and then learn from them. The day that our life expires is perhaps our biggest fault, so what we need is to resolve all the minor ones.

Get Back Up Again
Don’t accept defeat, don’t get burnt out. Regardless of what happens, the worst you can do is throw your arms in the air and surrender. The one life we have means that we have one opportunity to chase our dreams.

It’s okay to get knocked down, knocked over, that we should expect to fail, but as they say, it’s how many times that you get back up again that matters.

Getting Motivated By Frustration
When things go wrong it can snowball, this if we allow it to. Just because things don’t go as planned, that doesn’t mean it needs to continue that way.

Hardships invite dark clouds which can hover over our dreams, which affects our mood and outlook. This is why we need to channel this frustration into positive motivation to overcome them.

Project Positive Vibes
Negativity sucks the energy right out of you and everyone around you. So remain positive at all times. This resets and restores a healthy mind, while attracting other things that are positive.

So decide to show your gratitude instead of wanting to compete all the time. It’s not a contest of who’s better or who’s smarter. Send good vibes of energy towards everything that you say and do.

If you’re around those who constantly complain or smugly demean you, constantly focusing on all that’s bad, doesn’t help anyone. Instead, focus on what’s good, and then things will eventually fall into place.

Always Accept Change
What we need is to change once we reach a dead end. Most often, whenever we get ourselves into compromising situations, our initial instinct is to blame everyone else but ourselves.

At times, the struggles that we face might not be our fault, but they’re signals telling us to change our ways, mindset, or situation, this in order to ensure that these mishaps won’t happen again.

But change can be scary. It’s difficult and requires effort and risk. We’re creatures of habit, so making new inroads in life becomes a task.

If we’re wanting to improve ourselves, to succeed in certain areas of our lives where we may have previously failed, we need to take a step back and make adjustments since nothing else works.

Always Have A Plan
Once you decide to change certain circumstances in your life, the first step is making a plan of attack. Envision goals on where you would eventually like to see yourself ending up.


Isolate the habits that you need to change, and people you need to avoid. Be as realistic as possible when realizing your expectations.

Without having a vision, you have no road map. Begin by physically writing down all the things which are unsatisfactory to you, then develop the necessary solutions to get there.

Taking Small Steps
The biggest discouragement occurs once we become impatient because of poor planning or impending results. It becomes important to focus while keeping in mind that anything worth attaining takes time and effort.

We need to give ourselves time to adjust, this when shifting to a better way of thinking. The most difficult part is admitting that we need a new approach once we fail in life, and then expect an adjustment period.

Stay On Course
Patience has proven difficult to master. What it requires is the most effort and hope. Once you follow your plan, it may still appear as though you’re making no progress at all.

When attempting to change, it’s important to trust the plan and the discipline that’s required. So instead of expecting immediate results, just stay the course.

Always Be Accountable For Everything You Do
It’s your life, so even if it’s not your fault, there are never no excuses. Life doesn’t play pity to your circumstances, or bend the rules to comply to your complaints or happenstance.

Instead, always be consistent to your word, this to yourself and others. Always enjoy the wins, this regardless of how small they may be.

Avoid Setbacks Never Look Back
So if you retreat or relapse back into an unhealthy relationship, pick up old habits, or give up on the effective methods that you’ve learned, make sure that you always focus forward while improving on the progress that you’ve made.

Once you finally make peace with your past mistakes, what went wrong or what you failed to do, just leave them there. Go forward by giving yourself a new start, and learn to leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

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