How To Avoid The Common Mistakes That Marketers Make

creating and developing a successful marketing planMarketing your product, service, or concern effectively requires doing your research by performing diligent investigation on your target market. This process should be decided at the beginning of every project, building a foundation based on your ideal customer profile, this before you develop the content or a marketing strategy.

There are a variety of theories as there are marketing methods which are designed, and preached, by the so called marketing gurus, as well as the SEO companies, which are in abundance online.

These services come in a variety of processes and prices, all proclaiming to make a substantial difference in your presence, especially when it comes to competitive markets and niches.

The main take away from all of this, in theory, and in actual practice, is that there’s an incredible amount of marketers, the majority, who just simply do a poor job out there. This isn’t just the “inept” type of lousy, but just pure bad execution.

The Mistakes That Marketers Make

They Have No Concept Of Who Their End Customer Is
It’s been discovered that the majority of marketers have a product centric view when it comes to marketing. They know everything about their own business, product, or service, inside out, but they usually only have a remote idea of which customers out there actually wants, uses, or are willing to buy what they offer.

These marketers don’t bother to do the required diligent market research since they’re so bullishly convinced and in love with their absolutely, “one of a kind,” state of the art product or service, that they firmly believe it’s the only solution that their end user will ever need to consider.

Not Listening To The Customer
Even once these marketers do establish a concept of who their ideal customer may be, they’ll spend little time bothering to listen to what they’re actually saying, doing, or wanting.

These marketers will do all of their market research as well as run all of the diagnostics, and demographic numbers, but once it comes to actually sitting down and listening to what their customers need, it’s just not on their agenda, the main reason being, they’re afraid they may disagree with them.

So as a result, the marketing message that they create usually doesn’t mean anything to those who they’re targeting. These marketers just develop a concept of what feels or looks good to them.

Not Knowing What Their Customer’s Want
Once the marketer actually does begin listening to what their ideal customer really wants, they’ll then usually begin listening for and at the wrong things. They’ll begin to find other ways which the product which their marketing is able to fulfill the customer’s needs.

While this may sound effective, it actually really isn’t. This especially when it comes to direct business to business sales, which is most likely the majority of their sales activity.

What’s common is not satisfying what the ultimate end consumer is wanting, as that’s what the end goal should be, to satisfy the client’s customer. What the actual client’s customer, the end consumer, actually wants is what’s driving their business. The product is only valuable if it satisfies their needs.

Not Being Able To Formulate A Value Proposition
Once marketers understand the concept of needing to satisfy the needs of the end consumer, they usually have a difficult time in formulating a usable value proposition, which makes sense to both their direct client, as well as the end consumer.

Doing so requires a complete understanding of the business dynamics which permeates down the entire supply chain, a concept which can usually go beyond the scope of everyone, except for the most experienced or seasoned marketers.

Not Being Able To Articulate A Value Proposition
Once the marketers establish a workable value proposition, what they then tend to do is begin creating long winded marketing messages, which are full of jargon and unnecessary abstractions.

Writing a short crisp direct marketing message is a specialized task and skill which only the most talented of writers are able to do. It’s rather a rare skill which is evidenced by all of the truly terrible marketing messages which are presented out there.

This type of poor execution is evident even from the creativity desks of all the greatest, as well as the largest brand companies and their multimillion dollar campaigns, as their message can at times get completely distorted.


So How To Market Effectively
There’s no point blaming any or all of the marketers who are genuinely attempting to give it their best effort in a fast moving and competitive consumer driven market.

The solution may be to just take a step back from the marketing milieu, then begin researching potential customer bases, spending time by listening until you completely understand how the businesses model can actually work.

Then, after you understand the process, just hand the writing assignment to a professional copywriter, and resist the urge of allowing it to become a group editing session, which can usually be a waste of time, and can be a certain kiss of death.

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