How To Apply The Force Of Manifestation To Improve Your Life

activating the law of manifestationActivating the force of manifestation is a purely energy based reaction which helps in getting the current state of your life in motion. It’s an extremely effective method which you can access at will, and under any circumstance.

What it governs is that once you expel energy, that the same amount of energy will come back to you. This isn’t new theory, just one that’s not completely understood, perfected, or utilized properly. What our immediate thoughts and our energy patterns does is it has the ability to create our reality.

What most don’t understand is the type of energy that they’re releasing to the universe. Consciously, you may think that you’re doing or thinking one thing right now, but on a different plane, there are other forces in play.

This is the area which creates distortions in our energy fields, which causes our energy and the power of manifestation to become negative or stagnant.

You Get What You Give
For instance, you’re wanting to attract someone new into your life. This becomes an extremely deep desire, you may have someone in mind, and it’s something that you desperately want with all of your heart.

So what you do is attempt this goal by applying spiritual principles. You choose to use affirmations, write a list of who that ideal partner is, or what they look like. You may even light a few candles and then pray.

On the surface, this may appear to be a positive exercise to do. But, what needs to be realized is what you’ve activated behind the scenes, this on a deeper more subconscious level which resides in your energy field.

What are your true thoughts. Why do you think this relationship hasn’t materialized yet, what are the blockages, the hold ups.

The reality is, currently, you don’t have a relationship in your life. There’s nobody there in your bed to hold you. You go out and you see all the happy couples walking around, holding hands, which makes you feel a bit sad and envious.

A Conflict Of Energy
What you’ve created is a distortion of energy. You’re trying your hardest to just keep thinking of this one thing, yet, there’s another reality that’s showing up in your life.

Once you find this occurring, then understand that you’re having some thought forms along with energetic patterns which are in conflict, stuck. What this creates is neutrality.

What you need to be is more realistic. Realize that there are now over 7 billion people on this planet, so there’s someone there for you. Feeling sorry for yourself just adds to the distortion.

Instead, be happy for others who’s found their mates, you just haven’t met yours yet, it will happen.

Using The Force Of Manifestation
Use the force of manifestation to dissolve all the blockages which are currently in your energy field. Once you begin feeling sad, then visualize a huge powerful force of energy.

It can be any size or color that you want. It could be a large moving tornado shaped energy field. It could be bright yellow, white, or luminous silver, this since they represent purity.

Then allow it to overtake and dissolve the sadness. Never attempt to direct or block the energy in any way. Allow the spiral cleansing and purifying whatever feelings you may be currently feeling.

Just allow your thoughts to flow as the power of the universe doesn’t need your assistance. Trust in your higher self along with the unlimited power of creation. Just let go. The universe knows what you asked for and what you need.


The Force Applied To Prosperity
You can also apply this principle to prosperity. What you and everyone else wants is more money, bigger greater things in your lives. You want to be debt free and have extra cash to buy whatever you want.

You’re wanting to provide for your family and save for the future. So the one undisputed goal is to increase prosperity. As a result, you begin doing affirmations, think of positive thoughts while visualizing what you want to happen.

After doing the same affirmations and positive thinking for a while, guess what happens, nothing, you’re still broke! You just got paid the same amount and it’s all gone, spent.

But what you continue to do is these affirmations. The conflict begins once you realize that what you’re doing isn’t working. The reason being that there’s a disturbance in your energy fields.

You then get angry, “I say these affirmations over and over, think positive thoughts, but there’s still no extra money.” Do you think you’re really thinking positive thoughts. Do you believe what you’re saying. What all this anger does is it takes you out of your natural flow.

Just Get Real
You need to get realistic, look around as there’s unlimited abundance everywhere around you. The void, where the lack exists is only in your mental programming. If you tweak this thinking slightly towards the negative, then you’re overcome with fear of being completely broke, which you want to avoid.

What you need to do is activate the force of manifestation. See it enter into your energy field, cleansing away all the distortions. Soon you’ll discover great ideas on how you can manifest prosperity. The creativity will begin to flow, new exciting opportunities will suddenly appear.

Making Yourself Open
Open yourself up to all the creative powers of the universe. Keep in mind that there’s no limitations. This applies for all your personal relationships, health, and attracting more money.

Being “stuck” uses up a lot of energy, it blocks your creativity while causing fatigue. Once your energy fields become clear, becomes free of distortions, then you’ll begin feeling more creative and energized.

Use the force of manifestation to clear out your energy so you’ll begin receiving all of the blessings which you deserve.

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