How Those Who Are Successful Begins Their Workday

how to manage the early morning chaos at workSome will mope around all weekend as they dread that Monday morning work. Not healthy and not recommended, but it’s Monday morning coming down. Any morning is the most critical time of the day, as what you’re doing is setting the stage to accomplish.

Some will fret the night before, full of anxiety on waking up and getting to work the next morning, what the day poses. Mornings completely influences the state of your mindset, usually negatively, always dependent on the direct actions that you choose to take.

This mindset however is different from those who are successful, the professionals, as they’re completely aware of the challenges of their busy workday ahead, what the potential dynamics are.

Some mornings can present unanticipated events resulting in unexpected chaos which can divert the regular routine. The key is preparing for and weathering any happenstance while remaining in control and staying alert.

What you need to do is take the precautionary steps to compensate for these invariable occurrences by applying your judgment and superior management skills, which ensures that the day unfolds as planned.

To prepare for this, those who are proven successful follow a strict protocol every morning to ensure that their day will go better than expected.

A Workout Before Work
What they do is get up early and draw up a sweat first thing in the morning. What doing so does is it gets the body circulating which makes them perk, giving them an advantage over others when it comes to early production for the day ahead.

What exercising before the workday does is it gets the endorphins pumping, getting the body and brain activated, elevating mood while giving them energy.

A Healthy Wholesome Breakfast
Every morning, what you’re wanting to do is control everything that you can. This includes eating a healthy nutritious breakfast directly after the workout.

You want to avoid feeling hungry once mid-morning strikes, as you’ll get distracted snacking or waiting for lunch. You don’t want your stomach to growl during the morning meetings while filling yourself up with donuts.

Get To Work Early
Most will surrender to the snooze button and then rush to work. The commute, especially if it’s raining, or the early morning chaos can play havoc on your entire day.

So the key is getting to work early, earlier than others, this since it gives you the opportunity to relax and prepare for the day, effectively handling everyone and their issues.

Being early gives you the time to prepare for anything that’s unexpected while clearing off all the important personal matters which you need to do that day.

Usually, what you do is meet with your most important people first thing in the morning, this to make sure that you all reinforce a sense of purpose along with being in it together.

A Clear Mind Is A Clear Desk
Keep the clutter on your desk as organized and clean as possible, and do so the night before, right before you leave for the day. If you don’t, what you’ll be faced with in the morning is a mountain of disorganization.

Prioritize and organize all of your files. Keep all of your most important “To Do” tasks easily accessible while putting aside all the unimportant paperwork. What you want is to be prepared, as there will always be something unexpected that pops up.

Know When And How To Say “No”
Most mornings, it can become hectic and events that are out of your control will occur. These could be emails, phone calls, emergency meetings, others in the office.


What the successful leaders will do is diplomatically prioritize what’s important by assertively saying “No” while being courteous. Discussions about the game the night before can wait until later.

Prioritizing is important but there are certain exceptions. There will always be crucial meetings, calls to make, emails to respond to. There’s no point being a people pleaser especially in the mornings.

What generally happens is that nothing gets done and everyone else goes into a tailspin, this as you can’t work efficiently by becoming distracted, or when attempting to solve conflicting priorities.

Keeping To The Daily Plan
Successful people won’t dwell on issues which may pose too much of a challenge. They don’t think about their leisure activities the past weekend, or anything else that’s frivolous.

They learn to put these thoughts aside by placing them in a separate mindset. If they have work to do, they will focus strictly on that.

Remember There’s Always Tomorrow
Once it becomes hectic, it can appear that your world, your career is crashing to a halt, if you’re not able to solve all the issues. Then once the smoke clears during the day, you realize that certain things could of been done better or put off.

You’ll usually gain more information and experience over time and learn how to manage them better, which better enhances the decision making process the following day. You’ll also find that certain problems will work themselves out.

Mornings can be a hazard trap, create challenges even for the most prepared, to the most industrious of the successful leaders. So what’s required is compensating for the distractions by having and keeping a plan.

Always remained focused and remain calm. Keep in mind that you can always have a better more prepared day tomorrow.

Smile Be Courteous At All Times
It can be the last thing that’s on your mind, but thinking positively and smiling will help you get through the day better. You’ll stand out of the crowd, your good mood will become contagious, helping everyone else to relax.

So always remain courteous every morning as it keeps the morale high, especially on those hectic mornings when nothing seems to go right. Doing so becomes particularly valuable, as everyone needs a boost.

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