How The Universal Manifestation Process Attracts Wealth

Those who are in tune with the Universe, can at times know what others are thinking. This provided their state of awareness is high and vibrant enough. What they have is a direct and immediate influence on those around them, as others can have on them.

There are certain natural laws of the universe beyond our grasp, that dictates and controls these thoughts.

This by the powers enforced, in the relevance of how objects abstractly form and operate in this world.

What’s known, is certain substances are naturally attracted to one other, this to the degree of what’s known as the common affinity of how things work.

The flip side of this resistance, which is merely another manifestation of its power in itself, which is also the easier path to take, is known as repulsion.

This is the polar opposite, of attracting something, anything. What these invisible actions and operations will do, is repel one another.

This to deflect to the degree they’re completely unique, completely negative and opposing to one other, and not at all compatible.

The Universal Attraction

This attraction process, is something that’s universal and beyond our control, this to all things living on every plane of life. This from the spiritual to the physical.

How it operates is completely autonomic, uniform and consistent without fail, whether good or bad.

What it’s forces does, is takes the phenomena of one plane, and then emulates and merges the same phenomena on another plane.

Some refer to this as a parallel universe. The reason being, the same rules apply, as this universal law operates uniformly.

Manifestation And Expansion

This process formulates with invisible ions and electrons, too small for the human eye to see or detect.

They’re automatically created, once any thought in the mind is formed. So be careful what you think of, what you wish for.

Certain electrons will attract to one other, and then multiply, while repelling others.

This results in they forming into existing groups, colonies, and combinations of electrons. They become in complete harmony with one other, known as manifestation.

What then constitutes are atoms, which is the earliest primal form of tangible matter.


Passing on the atoms themselves, what’s found are degrees of attention and affinity, that exists between one other, causing them to combine and form into molecules of matter.

When Thoughts Turn Into Tangible Matter

For instance, a single drop of water is composed of millions of H2O molecules.

Each of these molecules are composed of two atoms, hydrogen and oxygen. This combination is always identical, in every speck of water.

There’s a reason why these particular atoms combine in this exact map, in the same proportion and invariable grouping every time.

It’s not by chance since nature is not a coincidence, as there’s a natural law which backs up and verifies every phenomenon.

What these atoms will do is manifest, which is a chemical alignment that’s known as affinity.

Often, an attached atom, will come in close proximity to another atom, and then bang, that’s when the law of attraction occurs.

The Attraction Process

When it comes to this attraction process, what’s known is certain molecules are drawn towards one other, provided they’re the same type of molecule.

This process is known as cohesion, and the reason why masses of matter become composed.

Any precious mineral such as gold, silver, diamond, or even a piece of glass, are composed of countless billions of molecules. They are compressed and bound tightly together by cohesion.

This is the reason things instinctively attract together. The underlying force of this attraction, is found to be the principle of will and desire.

The Quest For Personal Success

Most will just shrug, when it comes to all of this scientific geek talk, shouting instead. “Show me the money!”

Everyone wonders what this molecular connection has to do with them, as all they want is to become rich.

Who cares about all these ions, atoms, electrons, and molecules which forms all matter.

So what you’re wondering, is what all this has to do with the secret to success.

The reason being, this is the fundamental reason how money attracts to you, as the process is the same.

This is the exact scientific process, on how it attracts all things, people, money, and circumstances, in accordance with their desires.

What the force of will and demand does, is scientifically attracts together the atoms along with other particles of matter.

So the key becomes to making yourself an atom of living desire. Then you’ll attract yourself to all the things you want, such as money, people and circumstances.

Feel The Connection

You’ll then be attracted to others who has the same train of thought, with valid reason why you’re connected to and with them, and they to you.

This is why we’re instantly attracted to certain people without a word spoken, or like certain things or environments, and don’t really know why.

So this natural transmission of attraction, isn’t an error or by accident.

There’s nothing supernatural, magical or weirdly mystical about it. It’s just nature and the universe, doing its thing.

To Key To Manifesting Money

What all it comes down to, is a scientific process when wanting to manifest money. Once you understand the core substance of it, at its subatomic level, is when you’ll never be poor again.

This is the reason why it’s said it doesn’t always take money, to generate money.

Once you take the time to understand the functional levels of how this attraction works, you can then apply it to anything. You can truly start from nothing.

Money For Nothing

Begin by analyzing and becoming more aware of all the monetary opportunities around you.

The more aware you become, on how often and quickly money changes hands, how it flows. The more confident you’ll become in attracting it towards you.

It doesn’t take any type of particular education, it doesn’t need large amounts of capital for this attraction process to work.

So challenge yourself. Learn the universal laws by applying your knowledge of money, and then apply its associated attraction laws.

Think of the different ways, on how to entice this money in your direction, beginning with understanding the subatomic nature money is.

Understand money is a form of energy, and not as an object such as hard currency. Then watch how it can interact with your current life, and your present reality.