How The Magic Of Balance Will Get Anything You Want In Life

howtomaketherightchoicesThere’s all those intelligent and well educated people who are unable to create the type of life that they desire, and will eventually give up consumed with anger and despair. They flail like a runaway ostrich, have graceful movement yet there’s no leverage.

Why does this occur. One possibility is they have great ideas, designs for everything in their lives, but no method of checking the accuracy of their theories. Then they fail to remove the information from their conscious input, as it’s difficult absorbing data beyond our senses.

If we’re to be successful in life, in sales, as teachers, artists, athletes, leaders, or just to be human, what we need is a world view on things. We also need to understand how we gather information, and a way of determining if this information is accurate.

Since experimenting is often beyond our control, the only laboratory that we have is to test out our ideas by living our lives, by using our bodies, careers, and our relationships.

There are some aspects which are beyond these processes, but we generally have greater control over our lives than we do over the outside world. How can we reply to the needs of others if we don’t understand human frailty.

Knowing What We Do
How can we be certain that we actually know whatever it is we think we know. Consider that we can increase the accuracy of our thoughts by observing what our interactions are with our body, careers, and relationships.

The Health Of Our Bodies
Our body is a result of our daily behavior. The laws of physics are obeyed. We maintain calories in and calories out. There are some who are born into poverty, more disadvantaged than others yet reach success, there are countless examples of those who do so.

So if you’re wanting to succeed yourself, you just need to study what they did, and keep your mind away from those who are negative. There’s no obligation to meet culturally determined standards of beauty, but just feel healthy enough to meet your own values.

The best way of knowing is by you standing in front of a mirror. Determine if you find yourself and your body attractive. If not, then you have a bit of work to do, most likely physically and emotionally.

Our Careers
What you need to do is balance your income with your expenditure. It’s possible to be content and at peace in any situation. If you’re miserable at work, then it’s up to you to get a new job or change your attitude.

We know people who’ll blame their cruddy jobs their entire lives, when it’s really their lack of courage, drive, and emotional flexibility which keeps them from having a happier existence.

The flow of money is based on a few things, including how we service our communities, our motivation which demands what we’re worth, and the intelligence of having the discipline to manage our finances properly.

Creativity, energy, empathy, honesty, determination, taking risks, all factor in. One can always make more money, or develop the ability of finding more joy within our current financial levels. Without finding peace, the joy in your life will elude you.

Our Relationships
The truth when it comes to relationships is you can only have things that you’re able to afford. The coin is health, intelligence, passion, confidence, and self respect.

Most people, however, will get into trouble because they’re attracted to those who are more attractive than they are, and won’t be honest about it. Women will always complain that men want beauty, while men complain that women just want power and money.

We’re just genetically wired that way, the only difference being that beauty and power will vary in scope symbolically across various cultures and time.

The sooner that you stop complaining, the faster that you’ll be able to decide the level of beauty or power that you’re willing to manifest in your life.


Life isn’t fair, and both genders think that the other is somehow attempting to manipulate the game to their advantage. The less successful or unattractive that a man or woman is, the less they’ll believe what their roles are.

Getting Motivated To Do More
There are certain truths that we humans realize, and that’s we’re generally wise, strong, good natured, and spiritual. But we can also be dishonest, lazy, confused, and childish.

Why should anyone else, the world, our customers, our spouse, our children, listen to what we have to say if we can’t deal honestly with ourselves.

In cinema, drama is always created by finding a flaw in the main characters health, career, or relationships. Then the plot teaches this character a lesson that they need to learn, this in order to get better, to heal.

In the world of advertising, almost every product that’s marketed appeals somehow to either health, sex, or power. The reason being that all humans are somehow driven by these needs.

What usually happens is that one of these areas always gets out of balance and needs repair, which has always been the primary motivation in human history. If we can’t communicate effectively with our own psyches, then how can we understand one another.

Mastery is a road and not a final destination. We all can’t be millionaires, be movie star beautiful, or be ruggedly handsome, this in order to progress towards clarity.

All we can do is take responsibility. We need to admit that we want happiness, health, and love. To move forward with discipline and joy towards a future that we can cherish. What we learn along the way is the truth about ourselves, and the truth can set us free.

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