How The Best Popular Sites On The Internet Use Title Tags

theproperuseoftitletagsThere’s different and prevailing thought when it comes to maximizing search engine optimization effectively on a site, but there’s just a few elements which aren’t more important than the proper usage of title tags on a page.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term “title tag,” what they are is the text which appears at the very top line of the sites Web browser. Those string of words are also used by the search engines to display and describe the actual title which appears on their online search listings.

So if you’re currently running your latest greatest SEO campaign and are wanting to maximize your results, then you should be taking note on exactly how title tags are currently being used. You’ll then be able to analyze how these “title tags” can be used to improve the individual pages on your site.

If you consider yourself as an experienced SEO marketer, then you know as well as notice how other marketers, along with your competitors are using title tags effectively on their Web properties.

Writing descriptive keyword rich title tags are vitally important when attempting to optimize a site to be able to rank well with all of the major search engines.

The Characteristics Of Title Tags On Top Ranking Sites
When it comes to search engine optimization, there are just a few vital elements which are more important than properly using title tags. They as a result will be clicked on more often by your visitors when they appear on the search results pages.

A well constructed title tag is able to stand on its own. It will generate interest from your potential visitors who knows absolutely nothing about your website or your company. An effective title tag will be able to pull them directly into the conversion funnel.

That should be the least of the expectations that any SEO marketer should be setting for themselves when making any title tag modifications. Any effort to change the title tags on the entire site shouldn’t be considered lightly.

One of the main considerations is the sales and the marketing strategies of the Web’s business that’s running the site. It’s also important that the SEOs who may be working on behalf of the company benchmarks the competition as well as those who are outside of the industry. This to be able to understand how the most popular sites are leveraging their own title tags.

So what are the common denominators which all of the most successful and popular title tags have in common. An actual study was conducted on the search engine results pages of both Google as well as Bing to get the answers.

While there was only one category which was tested, but it was in an extremely highly competitive niche. The actual keyword phrase used was “discount rebates and coupons” and “saving money”.

Keyword Usage On The Title Tags
The majority of experienced seasoned SEOs know from their years of experience and tweaking, that when optimizing title tags, it’s critical that you use at least one targeted keyword phrase in the title.

This is obviously common sense, but it’s surprising on how few marketers actually make the effort to do so. They will opt instead for using generic popular terms that won’t distinguish a webpage much less make the users excited, particularly when using long tail keyword phrases.

There are other SEO marketers who realize the importance of properly using title tags as an excellent opportunity to be able to achieve higher rankings through online keyword association.

Why Using Proper Keywords Is Paramount
It’s pretty well known that, whenever possible, the targeted keywords should always be used first or as early as possible in the title tag. It’s recommended that the main keyword or phrase is used in the first half of the title.

This will also help the search engines as well as the visitors to be able to immediately identify the primary subject of the page as quickly as possible. It also ensures that the page titles won’t get cut off by the search engines when they are listed.

Inclusion Of Your Brand
You may notice the prominent inclusion of a brand, along with all their elements on a high percentage of your competitors search engine results pages.


As an example, they may include their complete company name, without the .com, .net, as well as at times, their registered trademark. If their brand happens to be particularly strong while providing precise clarity, offering exactly what the user may be looking for, using brand elements are also strongly considered in the title tags.

Omission Of Special Characters
There is varying opinion on the exact role which special characters can potentially play in ranking as well as click-through rates, which most also believe are connected.

But for now, the best practice is to avoid the usage of too many special characters in the page titles, doing so will potentially place your sites at least in line with the vast majority of the other Web sites and properties.

It’s compelling as well as somewhat attractive be include hash marks, colons, ampersands and dollar signs, but the top ranking sites do not usually bother with them, so you shouldn’t either. So that being said, some will still use them to be a little different and hoping to stand out.

The Length Of Title Tags
Finally, and this may be the most important, is the exact length of the title tags. Keep in mind that all of the search engines has their own limits to how many characters are allowable, but the maximum number is usually around 70 characters or less.

There’s no significant statistical data regarding what role the length of title tags play in generating additional clicks. But focusing on readability and clarity as well as establishing the expectations for users should be the main objective regardless.

There’s really no crystal clear answer to title tag optimization. What’s important however is taking extra precautions in the selection of the proper keywords as well as the phrases. Make sure that don’t include any unnecessary elements, and focus exclusively on the value as well as the readability which the visitors will be able to find once they arrive at your site.

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