How Not To Destroy Your Professional Presence On Facebook

how to be more popular on social mediaSo there you are, you’ve developed the best possible ideal business plan or product, but no one’s “liking” your Facebook page and there’s no one that’s friending you either.

The reason may be that you’re showing a few “red” flags, no-no’s, which you’re currently displaying on your profile which is driving and keeping them away.

A Facebook Page for any business, service, or concern has now become an essential business tool on this social network.

The simple and most foremost reason being that there are now over 1.1 billion people served who are members of Facebook, which would make it the largest virtual community in the world.

So everyone on this platform is most likely someone that you already know, such as your friends, relatives, co-workers, and your direct competitors, all whom you need to build trust with by bonding relationships.

Take Back The Internet
Facebook is a “peer-to-peer” community where the users feel they can somewhat take back control of the Internet. It’s thought that it’s consumer driven and not market dictated.

It’s up to them to control what they read and like, and if there’s any marketing influence from businesses, they can sniff you out a virtual block away.

So what was investigated were some of the actions that you should be avoiding when representing yourself and your marketing concern or business on Facebook, and come across clean and shiny.

The most important being never expect anything back in return. If you’re wanting to have some type of an impact on social media, what you need is to develop content which creates an emotional response.

These readers don’t care who you are, but if your content can help them in some way by you hitting a nerve, it will generate shares, likes, and comments. So your biggest effort should be content management.

There’s also no point getting offended or taking it personally if any of your posts don’t get a response, just realize you didn’t generate one, and then learn from it.

You may continue to post a lot of duds, irreverent information that no one cares to read, this before you finally hit the jackpot which gains attention and meaningful traction.

Getting Noticed On Facebook
Don’t Just Post And Then Abandon It – Virtual or not, people like to talk, to have a conversation. So make sure that you’re part of the conversation, that you’ll be participating and responding to all of the feedback, whether it’s negative or not.

You can’t no longer just get away with posting information about yourself to feed your ego and then run away. You need to become part of the conversation by commenting or liking the responses of others, as well as you posting on other posts which you find relevant.

If there are comments which are negative, then try having a direct chat with them in the attempts to smooth things out, or addressing and solving any issues which they may have.

Never Post Anything Controversial – Such as your political or religious opinions which may completely alienate your audience. Stay away from your viewpoints as they don’t care or want to hear what you think.

You want to remain as neutral as possible. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t express your own beliefs, values, or opinions, but you are running a risk when you decide to share them on social media.


So whatever your viewpoints may be, if you happen to be “pro” or “anti” anything, keep them limited to your personal or your off-line conversations, as offending even just one person can be poison.

Don’t Always Be About Business – If you’re a business owner, traditionally, most people will expect you to communicate with them in person. They want to meet you face to face, look you in the eye, just to make sure that you’re a genuine person that they can trust.

So having a real genuine personal Facebook profile becomes extremely important to be successful on social media. If all you have is just a business page, then most feel that you’re just there to peddle your goods or services to them.

What’s possibly worse is treating your personal Facebook profile as a business profile, which also happens to be against Facebook’s Terms Of Agreement, and one of the fastest ways to lose friends.

So get real and genuine on your personal profile and make a separate business page. Make mention of your family, post pics of your pets, tell them about your hobbies or favorite sports teams, and other things which will create better connections. When it’s always about your business, it then becomes too boring and suspicious.

Don’t Expect Immediate Success – The majority of people will become too impatient and expect immediate results when it comes to social media. They don’t bother building relationship and authenticity, while they just post business related messages expecting instant results.

Most relationships take time to nurture, especially if they’re virtual. It may even take years for some to experience any measurable results. So be as patient as possible while continuing to understand that it takes time to build followers, friends, and fans.

Then continue to do more of whatever is working, doing less of what’s not as effective, while knowing difference. Don’t be afraid to ask your most loyal colleagues, customers, and friends what they like the most, and what they don’t like that much.

It’s also important never to take any of these responses personally on Facebook as it’s always based on the the opinions and beliefs of the reader, and usually has nothing to do with you.

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