How Having A Great Sense Of Humor Attracts People Towards You

It’s been known, that those who have a finely tuned and spontaneous sense of humor, one that’s not canned or rehearsed, is one of the most desirable personality traits among men. This based on a survey of what attracts women the most. The most attractive trait was physical appearance, not in the GQ handsome sense, but he’s well presented. The other was established financial stability, followed by an excellent sense of humor.

Genuinely laughing out loud, has proven to be beneficial for one’s state of mind and health. A great sense of humor which provokes a chuckle, can make all the difference when it comes to bonding.

The reason why women find a great sense of humor attractive, is because it makes them feel at ease. The conversation begins to melt, making life a lot lighter. It makes them giggle, open up and laugh at the silly.

Dating someone who’s stuffy, stout, and serious, with a bleak pessimistic outlook on life, makes the conversation extremely dull and boring, this according to various anonymous studies, provided by women from all backgrounds and professions.

Does Intelligence Correlate With Being Funny?
The same study also revealed, that most women like smart men with a quick spontaneous wit. So a good sense of humor, is usually associated with intelligence.

So if you’re a man who can think the “funny” fast, you’re able to manufacture a genuinely hilarious joke on demand, one that’s suitable for the situation at hand, then you’ve got it made, almost.

There’s a reason why it’s been said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There’s been considerable research, which has proven that humor, laughing out loud, benefits the body while elevating the joy emotions.

It’s been proven to boost the immune system while reducing stress, relaxing the muscles, which in turn lowers blood pressure.

This chain reaction as a result decreases the tolerance to pain, while quickens the process of healing oneself. These are the reasons why humans crave for humor.

Developing A Sense Of Humor
Individuals who has a great sense of humor, the majority also usually has a cheerful disposition and an optimistic outlook and personality. To them, each and every day is refreshing and sunny.

Should any dark clouds ever appear, they’ll depend on laughter by seeing the lighter side of things in life. Humor breeds confidence, believing that this too will pass. So instead of becoming discouraged, life is viewed with much hope.

Even those who may not be considered that physically attractive, but are saddled with a “Steve Martin” grade sense of humor, people will gravitate towards them. The reason being, that they’re more at ease to be around.

Those who are funny and carefree, and the people who’ll laugh along with them, are capable of handling anything that’s thrown their way. Someone with a great sense of humor, encourages others to be more confident in themselves.

Putting More Zest In Life
Those who are constantly funny, simply has more energy than others. The proof being, that they’re able to dig deeper, by thinking up and manufacturing humor, this based on the situation around them.

They have more spunk in life. Not only are they able to come up with a joke, spontaneous and unrehearsed, but they’re also able to take a joke, laugh at themselves.

They’re completely humble, with no trace of ego. So what you may need, is to develop a better sense of humor yourself.


Encourage The Funnier Side Of Life
Make sure that you create an environment which encourages laughter and humor, this in every relationship or encounter you have, when appropriate. This by concentrating on the funny side of life, delighting others in the process.

Then eventually, they’ll soon begin to see the humor in all things that they encounter, including all of the issues which may come up, and will decide to manage them with less stress.

So Relax And Laugh More
The majority of people feel that they don’t laugh enough, that they’re taking life too seriously, and feel that they should have more fun. They’ll then begin associating themselves, with those who are fun loving and humorous.

So when you’re feeling a bit blue, go and find the happy places and people that you enjoy. Find and participate, in as many fun and lively activities that you can.

Always Laugh At Yourself First
Laugh at yourself, your blunders and the situations that are around you, this at every opportunity and in every situation.

Most individuals can’t or aren’t able to find any humor, or laugh at themselves, because they’re just too insecure with a low self-esteem. They lack confidence, as they’re ridden with fear or rejection.

They’re either scared or don’t want to become embarrassed at looking silly in front of others, or they don’t want to give the impression of being foolish, this since they don’t want others to laugh at them.

It becomes important to understand, that everyone makes mistakes and looks stupid on occasion. It’s up to you how you decide to handle the situation. You can either laugh about it, or depress about it, it’s entirely up to you. Both are natural human responses.

How To Diffuse Disagreements
The best known way to neutralize any disagreement, is to use appropriate humor. Once relationships get uptight, using self deprecating humor can at times lighten things up, and offer a different perspective.

What “self deprecating” humor does, is it encourages humility while nurturing courage. So remove the mask of insecurity, which uncovers your weaknesses.

Injecting a sense of humor in your relationships will add a bit of zest, it rewards others by helping them see life from a completely different angle.

Life can be difficult, and everyone experiences the same pain. So a more carefree, positive and cheerful disposition always lightens things up. So choose to see the funny side, the humor in everything.

Polish Up On Your Humor
Begin by watching shows which are light, funny comedies. Start reading books where its theme is humor. Collect jokes or memes that are funny.

Then once the need arises, practice your sense of humor by telling a joke or two, to lighten up the situation, or to put joy in someones life.