How Beats Per Minute BPM Can Give You The Best Possible Run

picking your favorite music for your runThere’s a growing number who are realizing the secondary benefits of jogging. The best reason perhaps being that it’s a quick inexpensive and the most effective way to get an excellent cardio workout while toning up the muscles.

Speaking of tone, it’s also found by some that jogging on the exterior can also become a tad drab, and repetitious. So many will add a bit of zip into their daily run by listening to their favorite motivational music. Not any type of music, but a particular type of beat.

So if you’re a jogger and enjoy hitting the pavement or trails, put in your ear buds and then begin listening to your favorite tunes which is guaranteed to fuel your run.

Listening to music is not only motivating and soothing, but the exact type of music activates certain sensory triggers, which bends forward various mental states along with optimizing certain mind body specifics for various benefits.

Forms and spacial aspects of music are now used for the enhancement and engagement of different states of mind, such as: memory recall, better health, improving attention, increasing energy or calm. All designed to increase our optimum performance when it comes to our specific daily activities.

Music To Elevate Or Change Mood
It’s found that if you happen to play a certain song with a particular beat, over and over again during a specific problem or situation, you’re able to train your brain to send your mind and your body, automatically, new instructions which can energize, motivate, or solve these issues.

What this message delivers is the exact effect that you’re wanting, this wherever you may be stationed in that particular situation. For instance, if your jogging, the plasticity of your brain invites this change possible.

So to get the best benefits, what’s required is loading onto your MP3 player the best of this music which will provide for the best orchestrated results, a concerted symphony playlist for jogging.

Begin By Including Your Favorite Songs
The first step is downloading the songs which you enjoy the most, the particular beats which you rhythm to the best. The more that you like a certain song, the better it works, the better the run.

So for those who are more traditional, listen to the precise beats of Chopin or Vivaldi, while for others, The Beatles or Techno Funk. Just make sure that you pick whatever is synchronized, whatever gets your juices flowing.

Using The Proper Beats Per Minute
Beats per minute, or BPM is important, and an easy way to compile your playlist. Begin by listing down all the songs and type of music which you want to include which has an uptempo beat.

BPM works since this tempo and its rhythm has a direct connection with your jogging speed to keep you alert and focused. What the precise “beat per minute” facilitates is proper muscle coordination and its movement.

For instance, instead of a BPM of 100 or less, choose a BPM that’s 125 or greater, as these faster beats have proven to increase one’s mental acuity, motivating fluid flow and better motivation.

So what you get is a double benefit, your mind gets attuned into the “flow” state as does your muscles. You can easily find what the songs exact BPM is on iTunes, or by searching on Google.

Notching It Up Even More
Begin experimenting by initially listening to a slower BPM tune of say 95 or less at the beginning of your run. Then place a series of much quicker rhythms, and then increase the tempo directly after.

What the combination, going from slow to then faster is an abstract punch to your brain, which amplifies the “uplifting” effect that you’re wanting to experience. Play the slower music for the first 8 minutes or so at the beginning, this to warm up, and then begin progressing to the faster music as you run faster.

Arranging Your Songs For Faster BPM
Make sure that you arrange all your songs in order as you’d like to hear them. Then try out the selection for a few runs. You’ll then realize that you would prefer certain songs over others at specific points of your run.


For instance, once you come upon the 20 minute point, or a particular stretch of road, you may want to listen to something certain. So make the revisions in your playlist by matching the exact times or areas of your jog, and what you need when it comes to increasing energy.

Note: It’s been discovered that if you remain on a certain high BPM such as 130 and beyond consistently, it may tire you out sooner, and you may even begin experiencing a negative effect.

What this type of expectation can do is spike up the mind-body reward mechanism, which then naturally boosts up the all too important neurochemicals, which then produces that feeling of euphoria during the run.

Extracting The Proper Emotional Connection
Activating the proper emotions can sharpen and peak your athletic performance. So listen to the songs with the proper lyrics and accompanying beat which sends you that right emotional charge to power up and energize your run.

At times, the emotional charge factor that you get can at times can even trump the BPM, so it’s okay to occasionally mix in a song with a slower BPM, provided that it sparks the proper emotional effect.

It’s recommended that you end your jog with a slow meditative song, this to cool down. It usually takes longer to calm down after a run then to pep up. So after the run, when walking, play slower Beats Per Minute music for 10 or so minutes.

So pick wisely your playlist and load them on your MP3 player, use your individuality and personal preference. Always keep in mind that it’s important that you choose the songs which you personally like for a better more stress free jog.

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