Healthy Foods Which Increases Productivity At The Office

eating healthier in the workplaceRealize that your life is split into thirds. We sleep for 8 hours, we work for 8 hours, and spend leisure time for 8 hours. The time spent on these activities also usually blends into each other, but this format is how we live our daily lives, and is pretty much regiment.

So for a third of our lives, the portion which we usually don’t look forward to, is the time that we spend working. The daily grind is also the most optimal time of the day, which is 9 to 5. So the key becomes focusing on this time to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Like the majority of the work force, what most look forward to the most is eating, as the lunchroom of any office is a popular and usually a favorite place to gather, to socialize, and to eat to refuel the body.

So what makes the best sense during this time is eating as healthy as possible. This includes eating smaller portions, as doing so optimizes the metabolism better, while normalizing blood sugar. Eating optimally allows us to remain sharp and energized throughout the day.

To Eat Healthier At The Workplace
Generally, most will eat healthy, but that’s usually at home, while not always at the workplace. What most will reach for when busy, is anything that’s readily convenient, which always isn’t that healthy.

Realize that this type of snacking detriments productivity, dulling you down. What a soda might do is provide thirst relief and instant sugar based energy, but what inevitably happens is that your blood sugar levels crashes shortly, making you more tired.

Any type of processed or empty sugar based food product won’t provide the sustainable energy that you need to last through a standard eight-hour workday. So as a result, the productivity suffers.


Setting A Healthier Work Environment
So what needs to be established is creating a healthier work environment when it comes to the food everyone eats. What needs to be educated and supplied in your office are select healthy snacks which are nutrient dense.

What doing so will instantly combat those negative workplace attitudes, while also helping everyone remain healthier, fuller, and a lot more focused on their work.

The more that this attitude is progressed, as others begins to see the positive healthy behavior, they’ll also be more willing to adopt the “healthy eating” protocol themselves.

Whether it’s recommending regular and routine exercise or eating healthier snacks, what creating a culture of healthier behavior can do, is improve worker morale and productivity.

Eating Healthier In The Workplace

So instead of fueling worker motivation with a box of donuts or stocking the vending machine with chocolate bars and sugar laden soda, there are healthier options that you can take.

Carrots With Hummus Dip
Carrots are extremely rich in illness fighting antioxidants, while being an excellent source of vitamin A. What just two tablespoons of hummus contains are two grams of protein, two grams of fiber, and just .5 grams of saturated fat.

What this specific combination of protein along with fiber does is it’ll keep you full longer than a danish ever will. Also, what they contain are high levels of magnesium, phosphorous, and other valuable minerals, which contributes to better immune functioning while regulating blood sugar levels.

Granola With Greek Yogurt
Another excellent duo, if not just for their taste. You should be choosing Greek yogurt for the healthy probiotics, as what probiotics does is it helps in increasing the good gut bacteria, while keeping the bad bacteria out.

Then combine that with granola, or substitute with flaxseed, and what your body will do is operate like a well functioning machine in the morning. What’s recommended are individual servings, which makes them more accessible.

Peanut Butter And Apples
Apples are usually an overlooked health food and often taken for granted because of their commonality. What apples provides are a number of outstanding health benefits that most snacks don’t.


This includes naturally staving off constipation while regulating weight. When adding natural peanut butter, provided you’re not allergic, the combo becomes an extremely rich source of protein, this with just 2 tablespoons, making it an excellent filler.

Almonds Are Underrated And Unappreciated
What’s been recently discovered as an excellent health source is the mighty almond, this for their superior nutritional benefits that they offer in abundance.

What’s found is that they’re beneficial for respiratory issues, heart disorders, impotency, anemia, and regulating diabetes, this just to name a few advantages.

What the regular consumption of almonds during the workday does is they also help in supporting healthy skin and hair, while balancing out cholesterol levels.

Eating Dark Chocolate As A Snack
There’s no need to give up everything you enjoy. What we do on instinct, this usually mid morning, this especially when we’re stressed out, busy, or tired is to reach for sugar.

The solution it’s found is to consume dark chocolate, although they’re not exactly sweet. What dark chocolate contains are significant concentrations of minerals along with magnesium and potassium, which helps support ones heart and immune system.

So Why Not Feed As Healthy As Possible
Adopting to eat healthy doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, regimental, or complicated. Just as you would invest in employee training or new technology to improve productivity, it’s just as important to provide a healthy work environment as well.

Once you educate and then provide the office workers with healthier more nutrient rich options, what they’ll begin doing is instinctively start choosing these quick healthy snacks which are good for them.

Once you begin promoting these healthy positive behaviors, what you’ll be rewarded with are happier, more energized workers, resulting in more production.

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