Google Set To Introduce Adwords Advertising Based On User Demographics

The mighty Google has just added a new feature for it’s popular AdWords direct advertising program, it’s called demographic bidding. This allows you as an advertiser to target your Adwords ads, to a specific and focused market based on demographic targeting. Some of the available demographic groups that will be made available for bidding will include gender, age group and possibly race. Google however is yet to release this feature, but will soon begin beta testing over the next couple of weeks using a select group of their Adwords advertisers based in the U.S.

If you run your Adwords based on targeted website placement or context targeted campaigns, then Google’s demographic bidding may work for you. Why?, well these are the participating publishers who have agreed to give up their demographic information for this purpose, primarily the gender and age of their website users. This information is obtained and based on the visitors who frequent their websites and give up this information when they register. Demographic bidding at this time will be limited to these certain sites within Google’s network because they are the only ones who has agreed to participate, by lending their visitor information. These websites have all agreed to state in their ‘Terms of Service’ that they will or may be disclosing the users’ registration information that is required by Google.

There will be two distinct ways that Adwords can use demographic bidding.
– The bids can be modified for a particular focused demographic audience segment (example, Google can increase bids for 18-25 year-old females)
– You as an advertiser can focus and narrow your ads using the elimination process. Using demographics, you can choose which groups that you would not like to show you ads to. This would be based on your own research and certain demographic groups that you focused in the past, that do not meet your ROI goals. These demographic groups can then be omitted.

This is another angle, including geo targeting, in which Adwords is allowing their advertisers better options to pinpoint their exact target market. Demographic bidding is another step in allowing it’s advertisers to make effective focused decisions for better ‘bang for your buck’ advertising. This is also a further step and proof that Google is indeed exploiting and attempting to dominate everything that is web. Google is now opening up and pinpointing groups based on revealing website ‘privacy policies’ in it’s attempts to dominate the advertising market.

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