Getting Your Company Plugged Into Online Digital Exposure

providing content for your blogThis technology thing isn’t going away anytime soon, yet there’s still a significant cross section of businesses in all industries who’s not participating. Or there are those who’ll attempt to market their business online, thinking that just having a Facebook Fanpage suffices.

What’s advised by most marketing specialists, this to see any viable results is that a proven strategy of online attack be in place. This begins with providing content that’s completely useful, this preferably on a company blog. Then include SEO and social media.

It’s found that it’s now vital for business owners to build an online presence for their company, this regardless of who they are, what size they are, or what industry they’re in. Know the areas of expertise which you’re most knowledgeable at, which shouldn’t be all that time consuming.

For those who are new to digital marketing, what’s recommended is adopting a few online changes. Following are a few simple steps that should lead you towards making strides to forging an online identity for your company.

Begin With A Company Blog
Almost everyone has a blog these days, and this for good reason. There are plenty of benefits of having one. What’s important is the content that you provide on it.

Most will begin a blog and will write posts on it for a few days or weeks, and will then get distracted, or get frustrated because there’s no tangible results, then they give up.

Realize that blogs won’t initially get much traction in the beginning, but this is when the discouragement sets in. You provide content and no one reads it, then the company blog is ditched.

To prevent this, be simple and steady while having meaningful content that will draw your readers back, bookmark, or share. Begin by answering the most immediate queries of your customers.

What are their most common questions or issues that they have. What are your prospects most passionate about. Think of interesting ways to promote your company. The key being providing unique content that’s valuable to them.

Other topics could be discussing broad problems within your industry. Dig deep into the issues that are prevalent in your market sector, and the steps that your company is taking to solve them.

Even if you choose to just write a few posts about your industry in general, what doing so will help in building your company’s brand as an industry and market leader.

Never get discouraged if you don’t immediately come up with good content early on. Know that it takes time to get a loyal following. Keep it simple and interesting until it gains momentum. Eventually, blogging will become habitual and one of the best methods of getting traffic.

Know Which Social Networks Are The Most Relevant
It’s extremely important to take the time to understand and know where your prospects hangout online. Is your main “target” demographic usually on Linkedin, Facebook, or are they somewhere else on social media.

With all of the different social networks and their nuances, it becomes impossible to have a presence on all of them, this to make a difference and being noticed. To find out which one of the platforms are the best to use, what you need is to make corporate profiles on the most popular ones.

Then based on how many followers begins to start interacting with you, you should be able to detect a pattern which gives you the best opportunity to dominate a channel.

Knowing And Avoiding SEO Penalties
Getting your site banned or restricted from the search engines is a penalty you don’t want to pay. Not being visible on the Internet is one of the worst things that can happen to your business online, but it’s also not the end of your virtual efforts either.

These “bans” usually occur because some companies, whether intentional or not, will use low quality or “spam” type of link-building and content, this in the hopes of boosting their website rankings.


The thinking being that they’ll get massive amounts of free traffic, that they’re able to get their site on the first page and the first spot on Google, this based on their selected keywords.

For the majority of the time, these actions never go as planned. There are other methods to get better targeted traffic to improve your digital presence. Attempting to “trick” the search engines aren’t worth the time or the risk.

Instead, what’s advised is focusing your efforts on creating quality content that’s useful for your reader. When starting out, to boost your online presence, it’s not always the best to just get massive amounts of information out there.

It’s better to focus on providing genuine high quality content that your prospects, customers, and buyers will find useful. It’s from these great posts that you’ll begin to see your online followers growing. If you put out inferior content, what you’ll get are mediocre results.

Advertise To Promote Your Content
If you’re wanting to fast track your content branding, or are wanting it to go viral, and if your information is relevant, then the more readers you get the better.

It then becomes a numbers game. If a 1000 people sees your content, and there’s a high percentage that converts, likes, or shares it, then increase the number of visitors with targeted advertising.

The idea being getting your proven winning content in front of as many eyeballs as possible, to those who are interested in what you have to offer. To do so, create a budget for online advertising.

Do some initial promotion on your own, testing which methods and content are the most responsive. Start by researching to find who offers similar content to yours, and then backtrack to find the methods of advertising that they’re using.

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