Getting Natural Sustainable Energy By Using Traditional Herbs

is whole wheat healthyThis is a chronic condition that afflicts many, the lack of energy to be able to earn their daily bread, get all their chores done, this becomes a struggle of effort. You go to bed exhausted but can’t get to sleep, twist and turn all night and wake up tired.

You’re not able to get going without massive doses of coffee, or not able to relax at night without several compliments of alcohol. This condition of fatigue is ruining your mood and character, it may be time to restore your energy using traditional methods.

What these traditional ancient solutions does is they’ll nourish while optimizing your energy, infusing maximum health, this by applying safe simple natural herbal infusions, which includes consuming whole grains while avoiding stimulants.

Stinging Nettle Urtica Dioica
Is an energizing infusion. What it does is it gives you energy to work endlessly during the day at whatever task you need to do. This herb supplies maximum natural energy allowing you to tirelessly complete your work and do it quicker.

Begin with one ounce of stinging nettle with boiling water and place into a quart sized canning jar, close the lid tight. Allow it to steep for four hours, preferably overnight. Strain out and enjoy. Drink within 30 hours. Refrigerate.

What stinging nettle is known to do is strengthen the adrenals and kidneys, being able to build strong sustainable energy from the inside out, while providing extreme stamina. Drink 4 to 5 quarts of nettle infusion weekly, expect maximum results within 3 weeks.

There are no known contradictions, side effects, this in the consumption of stinging nettle infusion. Some of the positive effects include: softer skin, thicker hair, stronger veins, and an overall greater joy of life.

Other Nourishing Herbal Infusions
Red Clover Blossoms – Known to offer protection from major illness, this as it includes plenty of phytoestrogens as the tonic
Oatstraw – Such a mellow brew, which is known to ease and nourish the nerves
Other Herbs – Others include chickweed, linden blossoms, comfrey leaf, and mullein as infusion herbs, depending on your specific needs

Consumption Of Whole Grains
Traditionally, whole grains have been the core of the whole food diet. Since they break down a lot slower than refined white flour, what whole grains provides is a “time release” effect which allows you to work or play for longer. So to gain maximum natural energy, eat more whole grains than white flour, provided you aren’t intolerant.

Begin by pinpointing all of the white flour products which you currently consume, and then begin replacing them with their whole grain counterparts. Soon, you’ll be transformed to eating only whole wheat breads, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat crackers, brown rice, millet, kasha, and more.

Their distinct earthier tastes and textures will bring a new variety of flavors to your meals, while giving you a lot more sustainable energy for you to do as you please.

Certain Stimulants That May Be Harmful
To increase your stamina and gain additional sustainable energy, what’s advised is to avoid certain stimulants which makes you tired. Not only the recreational street orientated stimulation, but certain herbal and food stimulants as well.

It can become tempting to get a boost of energy as the effect appears instant. But what most actually do is they decrease overall energy. What they generally provide is fast fuel, but not a steady flow that’s long lasting.

What stimulants do is they’ll give a quick temporary push beyond our innate capacity. So as a result, they’ll make us work harder or quicker than we have the energy for, which makes us more tired in the long run.

The energy depleting effects of drinking soda, coffee, and empty sugar beverage products become cumulative. The more that you attempt to get energy from these sources, the more tired you’ll feel later. The long-term consequences are profound fatigue with a thud.

Spices such as black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon are known stimulants as well, and if they’re overused, are also known to weaken the immune system, which blunts energy while promoting illness.

Water based stimulating herbs such as green tea and soups are usually the safest, as are tinctures provided they’re standardized. Small amounts of specialized herbs can also be taken and are generally harmless, but the long-term effect can erode healthy energy.


Stimulants To Avoid
White sugar is the most common stimulant in the fast food culture that we live in. We consume it in a variety of hidden ways, usually unknowingly. These include processed sugar, corn syrup, raw or refined white sugar, and fructose.

Once you begin to adopt a diet that’s rich in minerals, especially the nourishing herbal infusions such as whole grains and yogurt, then the craving for sugar lessens, and we’re usually more easily satisfied with less.

So for increasing natural energy and stamina on a daily basis, it’s recommended you adopt the time tested traditional methods of drink nourishing herbal infusions, such as stinging nettle, oatstraw, red clover, or chickweed.

For increasing energy while reducing stress, refine your diet by eating primarily whole grains, wild or brown rice, cornmeal, spelt, quinoa, amaranth, and edible wild seeds, which includes nettle, lamb’s quarter, and yellow dock.

For managing sustainable natural energy and stamina, rely on your own power and judgment, trust in your own body’s wisdom when it wants to say “no,” and avoid forcing the issue with stimulants.

Generating more natural energy and stamina using these traditional methods can prove to be an easy transition, and are also safer and easier to do. It’s at times best to take your health in your own hands.

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