Get Your Sheet Together By Learning Better Time Management

getting better with time managementMost are just disorganized. Most have poor time management skills since it’s easier or they just can’t be bothered. Most don’t realize that they can get more done with proper planning, but instead they fall behind and things never go as planned.

The belief remains for the majority that their time is infinite, that there’s plenty of it ahead. If they don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time, then time management doesn’t matter that much. What most don’t realize is how much better off they’ll be.

Some just think that their life isn’t important enough, that they just need to get to work on time, otherwise, they don’t bother tracking their time. While most don’t whirl of accomplishment, there is a certain feeling of accomplishment once taking small steps towards better planning.

What you need to ask yourself on a daily basis is, “What’s the most important thing I need to get done today?” Then break it or them down into smaller tasks. Make that phone call, do that paperwork, do that homework, open up that book.

Then complete the first task, finish it, and then do the next one. You’ll then begin to build momentum while instantly feeling better, even if the task is mundane such as doing the laundry.

Always Be Conscious Of The Time
What you need to do is accept that time, your time, is your most valuable resource. You most likely heard that before, but most don’t bother to adhere to it.

Realize that we only have a limited number of days to live, it’s our fate, we have a certain number of heartbeats left. So make it a priority of making the most of the minutes of life that we have, and spend them well.

That doesn’t mean trying to squeeze in as much fun as you can. You could spend your every breath on pleasure, but then your time wouldn’t be as worthwhile as someone who’s been productive by improving their lives or the lives of others.

Use Your Time Effectively
You could be conscious of your time while still getting hardly nothing done. The key is listening to that inner voice in your head saying, “What’s the best time effective way of doing this task?”

So it’s not necessarily the best way or the quickest way, but the most time effective way which will yield the greatest benefits for the moments that are spent.

Decide What Sucks The Most Of Your Time
What most don’t consider is the potential opportunity that’s lost, as what they’ll do is spend inordinate amounts of time surfing the Internet, watch TV, play video games, shop, perform time consuming leisure activities such as golfing or skiing.

Always ask yourself if you could be spending your time better by doing something else that’s more productive or constructive. Even eating for some, is considered a big waste of time.

Some will spend a lot of time planning and then preparing meals when there’s other healthier options which they could be doing, such as preparing easier more wholesome dinners at a fraction of the time.

Delegating Tasks
For any tasks which you don’t enjoy doing, or there’s a steep learning curve, consider delegating it out. Consider hiring someone to do it. Even those with modest means can usually find volunteers or hire an assistant to do these medial chores for them.

Always Have Activities Ready
What we do is spend a lot of time commuting on buses, trains, the subway, standing in supermarket and coffee lineups, sitting for long periods of time in waiting rooms.

So if we have something productive to do during these times, doing so can help you getting more done while making the time go quicker. Use that time to read a book, answer emails, or do Internet research on your mobile.

Always carry a notepad whenever you anticipate that you may need to wait, and then write down potential issues which you’ll need to grapple with, and then jot these thoughts down on the notepad.


What most wonder is, how do certain people, the high achievers get so much done, where do they find the energy and time. Then they wonder, where did the day go.

Tips To Mastering Your Time Better
Make A To-Do List – At the beginning of the day, each morning, write down a list of the most important things that you need to do, to accomplish that day.

Prioritize The Tasks – Then right next to the To-Do list, assign a “1” on what’s the absolute priority, the most critical “must do” item for that day. Then assign a “2” for the “should do” items, and a “3” for all the “could do” items.

For larger projects, break down the task into smaller pieces and then prioritize them in the same format. It’s easier to divide and conquer.

Implement The List – Focus directly on accomplishing the “1” list with your discretionary time. Once done, then check off each item as they’re completed.

Using this method, even if you’ve only completed a portion of the list for that day, you’ll still have accomplished the most important ones which you needed to get done.

Using The 80/20 Rule When It Comes To Time Management
The basic rule is that 80% percent of the importance of what needs to get done daily, lies in 20% percent of your activities and effort.

So the key is focusing on doing the top 20% percent of your most important tasks that you need to do right away. So as a result, you’ll feel a lot more productive and then feel satisfied at the end of the day.

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