Get Backlinks To The Best Social Networks For Your Web Content

build backlinksYou’ve spent all that time writing that unique link-worthy relevant content, and you’re absolutely confident that it will send you record twirling numbers of visitors to your website, generating an endless supply of high quality backlinks to your site, ultimately resulting in a lot of sales.

All that’s left to do is you submitting that web content to all the social networks, and just let it spread like viral wildfire, right? Well, you are partially right. The social media marketing experts across the Interent just don’t stop with Twitter and Facebook, although these two are the best destinations to get started. Most of these gurus, who are experts in link building, have a long list of sites that they submit to.

So here is a list of the most important social network sites to submit your content to.

What’s included in the following list are a compilation of: social news destinations, community sites, and premium content based bookmarking sites deemed excellent locations to promote your content. While there’s absolutely no guarantee that linking to these sites will even work, you may also be pleasantly surprised in the value of what direct linking provides.

Top Social Networking Sites To Build Links

One of the very first sites to visit for any content marketer has to be Although it may lack a bit of organization, it adequately makes up for it in its efficient ability to distribute content. You can submit almost any type of content to Scribd, including: PowerPoints, PDFs and even Photos, that you want to share with others. If you like Scribd, then check out:,, and, as well.

If you are familiar with at all, then you may be wondering to yourself what value this list even has?. Well, the truth is that a concise, direct to the point headline goes a long way with this community. If you are promoting an edgy, perhaps even ‘alarming’ type of material, Fark may be perfect for you. Fark when executed properly can actually send immense amounts of targeted traffic back to your site. If you happen to like and use Fark, there are other similar sites that fit in the same category. They include and

Merchandise and e-commerce based sites are usually the most difficult to build links. But thanks to the rising popularity of this social shopping site, Kaboodle, they have generated the attention of link builders because of the product lists that they make publicly available. This yields for high quality profile rankings as well. So if you are an online merchant, is the site where you should be promoting your link-worthy, innovative products. If you like Kaboodle, also go visit:, and as well.


While this site may of fallen a bit out favor lately with the masses, still remains one of the best destinations to promote your link worthy Web content. If you have not used this in the past, or haven’t used it in a while, now may be the time. Although this site is heavily administered, Newsvine will sent you high quality targeted traffic to your site, which results in strong rankings for your content, if it becomes popular and catches viral. If you like what Newsvine offers, then also check out other related sites:,,, and

You have most likely heard of Reddit and Digg, but another similar site you may consider is A post that was recently submitted to hackernews made it on the first page, so it should be on your submit to list. Keep in mind however, that it may be a little difficult to get a first page ranking each and every time on this site, but the value it offers is most definitely worth it once you do.

This site really does shout more than your average site. It looks cluttered, is ad-heavy, but all this masks a rather competitive destination to promote your link-worthy content. While you may just disregard this site to be another digg-clone, Shoutwire continues to drive high streams of targeted traffic for their active users. Couple that with excellent profile rankings and you have got one more site to add to your link list.

Additional Social Bookmarking Sites:
Don’t forget the seemingly endless list of other excellent social bookmarking sites where you can submit your content. Some of them include:,,,,, and If you are a little more literary, is definitely one you should be checking out as well to promote your niche-content.

So happy happy linking.

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