Get Anything You Want In Life By Visualizing And Manifesting

how to manifest what you wantRealize that there’s a divide on this earth. People who believe, achieve, manifest what they want, and those who don’t. It’s found that the majority just consider visualizing dreams “bunk.” That they’ll never come true and is a complete waste of time.

For those who believe, to them it’s not a coincidence or a religion. That if they visualize correctly, they can manifest whatever they want. What’s known however, is that improper visualization can also push your dreams away, which then just proves the skeptics right.

It’s found that one needs to be specific on target, as it’s the first stage of the visualization process. It’s found better to identify all of the detailed aspects for it to manifest.

For instance, if you want a shiny new car. Then take the time to formulate it exactly, as god is in the details. So take the time to decide on the exact model, year, color, options of the car that you ultimately want.

So Close Yet So Far Away
What we’ve all experienced is almost getting what we want, “Oh that was so close.” Such as you do get that car at the exact price you wanted, but the year or the color was wrong.

So there are progressive steps that you can take. The universe will then reply exactly to what you’ve ordered, provided that you thought about it in extensive explicit detail. Nothing will manifest without it.

Focus Just On What You Want
Put yourself in the state of mind attempting to visualize something to manifest into your life, perhaps it could be a new job. Make sure that you create the exact positive details of what you want.

During this process, the wrong way to visualize is, “I don’t want to drive too far to work” or ” I don’t like meetings” or “I don’t want to work for someone who’s a control freak.”

What these types of thoughts does is they’ll conjure up images in your mind of massive traffic jams, being stuck in meetings all day, or working for a controlling boss.

Having negative thoughts like these will force the universe to bring you a job that you won’t like, with those exact details you don’t want. What you get are the very things that you think of, either good or bad.

So you’re better off visualizing things such as, “I want a job which allows me to walk to work” or “I’m looking for a boss who’s adaptive and understanding” instead.

What you want is to manage and control your thoughts, this during the visualization process with as few distractions as possible, which takes practice.

Allow The Universe To Do Its Work
What becomes important is to not visualize “how” you’ll get what you want. This because how you get it is out of your hands. For instance, what you want is a brand new laptop.

What you shouldn’t visualize is driving down to the store to buy it. The reason being that the universe is capable of delivering you this laptop in an infinite number of ways. So leave your options open.

Make it as easy as possible for that laptop to manifest itself, by leaving it up to the universe to bring it to you. You may get it in a way that you’ve most likely never considered.

Perhaps you’ll win the laptop in a contest that someone entered on your behalf, without you knowing, or a relative or a coworker needs to move, so they suddenly gift you with one. Just be ready for it.

Feel Like You Already Own It
First, know exactly what you want. Feel like you own it by allowing yourself, all of your senses to become fully and totally immersed into the vision, as if you already have it in your possession.


What you want is that dream vacation far away. Then find the exact location and look at the images of that destination. Look at the airport where you’d be landing, the hotel where you’re staying, the beach, and then implant these in your mind.

If it’s a new smartphone, then go to the mobile store or browse the Internet to pick out the exact phone you want. Look at the specs, or if you’re at the store, pick it up and feel it, believe that you already own it.

The goal is to begin feeling like you already own what it is you want. Feeling as if what you dream of is already in your possession, which increases the frequency of you actually owning it.

Just Let It Go
This is where most will stumble. Once you’ve defined exactly what you want, fully immersed yourself into the vision, then you need to let it go, this in order for the manifestation to happen. Don’t obsess or ruminate over this visualization any longer.

You’ve done your part. The visualizing, sending the universe a message, so it’s up to these forces to deliver it to you. What dwelling does is it sends the wrong message, that you haven’t completely decided on what you want yet, which just confuses the universe.

We’ve all had experiences when we wanted something so bad, that we can’t get it out of our minds. Then finally one day, you just “give up” on it. You decide to move on, then like magic, the manifestation happens. That’s how it works.

So practice and remind yourself to let go once the visualization process is completed. Allow it to do its work and then it will come through, just have the faith.

Surrender to your vision by passing it along to the universe, forget about it, and allow itself to work out. Meanwhile, just return back to you’re everyday life and wait.

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