Generating Energy To Attract Money Turning Into Prosperity

turning money into prosperityWhat’s the ultimate purpose of money. All of humanity is focused, obsessed with making more money that we’ve lost its true purpose. Those who venture in traditional industries such as banking, are particularly adept with this focus of money, which is “the bottom line.”

We’re moving into an era where we’re able to see the manifestations of our false beliefs. We are facing experiences which teaches us how to tap into our higher purpose, while empowering more intention. To define it’s terms, we need to connote a different vibration.

Money is a vehicle of exchange, an energy form in the shape of paper currency and coins, this for the purpose of barter. Precious metals such as gold and silver which also have value, are both intrinsic as well as extrinsic. All paper money does is it represents value.

The Power Of Money
The only power that money has is what we give it. Prosperity means thriving, to flourish. We equate prosperity with success, good fortune, and affluence, all of the good things in life.

From an universal energy standpoint, money has the lowest vibration when it comes to abundance and prosperity. Whenever there’s fear that surrounds money, that vibration will move yet into a lower frequency. All we can do is touch and see money.

There are a variety of myths along with cliches when it comes to money, such as money doesn’t grow on trees, that money is the root of all evil, money can’t buy happiness, save your money for a rainy day, etc.

The energy that is prosperity has more flow than does money. If you say the word “prosperity” out loud, it even resonates a higher vibration. You can feel similar resonance using similar words to define prosperity.

The Value That Is Abundance
What abundance does is it resonates with words along with ideas such as love, joy, and wisdom. Abundance isn’t really a part of this physical world as money is, although it’s used to manifest in the physical world.

We can’t see abundance, we can only feel the manifestation of it. This similar to we not able to see love, joy, or wisdom, we just have feelings or examples of its manifestations. Where energy comes from is the spirit, and the spirit is infinite, abundant, and unlimited.

Creating Money Abundance And Prosperity
Whenever we focus our attention on money, we tend to think that the only way of generating more of it, is by chasing it with more money, or something else that’s physical or tangible.

What we believe is that we’re only able to create something “new” from something that already exists, that’s created already. This is false since our money systems in the world are being challenged right now.

When we live in the consciousness that is abundance, we know that we’re able to create more of everything coming from the “source,” and there’s no fear which exists in this consciousness.

Consider how you feel whenever you’re surrounded by the richness that is nature, one of the earth’s finest manifestations of abundance. Ideas will begin to flow, as you feel peace and calm. You realize your joy as you vibrate yourself towards abundance.

Releasing Your Fears About Money
Fear and resistance when it comes to money are extremely strong in our society. These thoughts and feelings aren’t also necessarily in direct proportion to the amount of money that an individual has.

Those who may have considerable financial means will often live their life in more fear and resistance about their money, than those who has modest resources. The usual response being that they have more to lose. But it strikes deeper than that.

The fear we have about money is embedded deeply in our consciousness because of the attention, along with the feelings that are associated with it. Since there are a variety of thought forms, we can see where such dynamics are embedded.

They permeate in every aspect of our lives as a society, while impacting us even when we don’t bother to personally embrace the specific concept. These dynamics then disappear once we lift our vibration along with our consciousness to appreciate abundance.


The fears along with resistance about money can be released just by surrendering, which is tough for those who have become successful in our society. We release these fears by knowing that we’re opening up to wellness and abundance, this rather than overcoming poverty or scarcity.

We release this by being attentive and aware to our own growth process. We release by letting go and no longer resisting.

Moving Forward
This both personally as well as energetically. For those who are successful and have become prosperous are now being challenged to remain in their spiritual knowingness.

What they need to do is shift their foundation so they’ll believe in the source of where their manifested physical things come from, rather than believing in the actual manifested physical things themselves.

For instance, the word “downsizing” is considered anti-abundance. Realize that needing to do more with less will send mixed vibrations. You need to determine if you are wanting “more” or “less.” Consider how you can promote more clearer messages and healthier concepts.

The dichotomy of wealth and poverty isn’t just an issue of distribution, but rather one of consciousness. We’re moving into a new paradigm shift, one which includes the awareness along with the acknowledgement of the spirit.

So let’s make that move consciously and abundantly. There’s more than enough of it that exists in this world, as it’s constantly expanding.

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