The First Thing People Notice And React To Is Your Attitude

Your attitude is the one thing that you have complete control over, so always make sure that it’s a good one. What’s not realized, is that the first thing anyone notices when first meeting you is your attitude, this before saying a word. This could be at home, work, or in society. Also know that the one thing no one can change in you, is this attitude.

So keep this in mind, as what you always need to do is check your attitude, and then adjust it accordingly. What you mindfully need to monitor on a daily basis, is how you come across. Always make sure that you’re projecting a positive one at all times. Know that attitude, is how your life ends up.

Once you force yourself to think happy thoughts, you’ll then be happy. Once you think miserable depressing thoughts of doom and gloom, you’ll be miserable, and your poor attitude will show it.

Once you have thoughts of fear, you’ll feel scared. Once you think sickly thoughts of illness, you’ll come down with a cold.

If you constantly think failure, what’s certain is you will fail. What wallowing in self-pity, results in everyone avoiding you.

Having A Good Attitude
This isn’t advocating having a “Pollyanna” attitude towards all your problems, as life isn’t that simple. What’s proposed, is having a positive attitude rather than a negative one, remaining hopeful that things will turn out in your favor.

Mental attitude, is the strength we hold in our minds. Know that reality can be altered, by a single positive thought.


When it comes to nutrition, the adage is that you become what you eat. When it comes to leadership, it’s you become what you think.

Contrary to what most believe, outside influences shouldn’t determine your happiness or success. It’s instead how you react to these outside influences.

So the key becomes controlling your reaction, when it comes to those external forces. What it takes, is giving your reaction conscious priority.

Becoming More Mindful
You know that if something will go wrong, it will. Life is imperfect. Once things don’t go your way, keep everything in perspective, and relax.

When there’s chaos and uncertainty, what most will do is surrender, businesses will get cynical and panic.

What having a positive self-confident attitude does, is helps you achieve more. It forces everyone to be drawn towards you.

People want to associate with those who has an inviting upbeat outlook, this to perk up their own drab lives. Those who constantly complain, are always avoided.

Developing A Positive Attitude
One of the key traits that all leaders have, is to display a positive self-confident attitude. The thought of potential failure, isn’t an option.


Having a positive cocksure attitude, is the key to becoming a winner. This is similar to the confidence that all successful professional athletes has.

Although their skillset may at times be inferior to others, it’s the positive attitude that they display, rather than having a losers mentality.

Having this positive attitude, needs to be self generated and nurtured on a daily basis, protecting it from being sapped by negative influences.

This begins by aligning with those who has similar vision, while not allowing the “negative nellie’s” of the world, to drain out their energy.

Always tap into this positive energy wherever you go, whatever you do. Mindfully use your determination, to always move yourself and your interests forward.

Avoid The Negative Energy
Everyone has bad days, when things just don’t go right. Once you’re spiraling downwards into a rut, change the routine. Do something that’s uplifting.

Once you see others falling into unproductive behavior, immediately put a stop to it, by addressing it. Never allow it to fester.

This starts by you actively listening, and addressing what they want. Often, by they just being heard, potential issues can be avoided, as everything gets back on track.

Injection Of Attitude
What business owners and leaders need, is to inject this positive behavior themselves, as no one else should or can. Never rely on others to do it for you.

At home, parents need to constantly be instilling a positive attitude in the household, otherwise chaos will ensue.

Leaders need to wear this mantel, albeit reluctantly at times. This is however, part of the responsibility of being a leader.

Always be improving your leadership skills, beginning with how you react to external situations, especially the negative ones. Then begin to witness the culture around you, improving in your favor.

Always Hire The Right People
Never hire those with a bad attitude. Revenue and moral won’t grow, unless you have the right people, those with positive attitudes to implement that growth.

Hire those who displays a willing “can-do” attitude, who you know will fit into the spirit of your company. Skills can always be taught, but instilling positive attitude cannot.

Attitude Is Altitude
A key employee prerequisite, is they having a positive attitude. Attitude is the one thing, that can’t be taught. They either have a good attitude, or they don’t.

Hire those who shows spark, with the willingness to learn, as everything else can be trained. What successful employers will constantly tell you, is that attempting to instill positive attitude, is the one behavior they can’t teach.

Looking Upwards
What a negative attitude will do, is pull you and your professional aspirations down. A positive attitude carries you over the rough patches, as it will energize you, lifting results to greater heights, this to match your vision.

Whether you need an attitude adjustment a few times a day, once a week or just occasionally, never forget that it’s your attitude, which determines your altitude. Never allow anyone, to bring yours down.

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