To Find Your Soul Mate You Need To Make Yourself Attractive

We all go on this quest, this to find someone who’s compatible. We dress ourselves up to the “nines” to attract someone, hopefully who’ll stay around, and not run away after a cup of coffee. So we search, we make ourselves look as good as possible, this to entrap someone.

What most will do is label this search for someone who’s similar, finding their soul mate, which appears to be mystical. We leave it to fate, we leave it out of our hands, as “if it’s meant to be,” it will happen. We look at the cruel world out there, and hope that our Prince Charming or Princess Diana, will suddenly land on our laps.

What social media, magazines, movies, and advertising does is convinces us that love is real, that cupid does exist, and working overtime on our behalf, this to deliver us the love of our lives.

So because of this, what we rely on is something that’s beyond our control, which forces us to hold our breath, cross our fingers, close our eyes, and hope.

Just Waiting And Hoping
Like most things in life, what wishful thinking doesn’t do is manifest results. But that also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t believe in fairy tales, this because the world is full of magic, this if you wish hard enough.

When this magic happens, is usually after you find your soul mate, and not so much during the process. There may at times be moments you have supernatural experiences, but the magic won’t occur in droves.

So the key becomes not to depend on the universe to suddenly drop the love of your life on your doorstep. What you need to do instead, is go out and attract your “soul mate” yourself.

Know How Attractive You Are
If you’re unwilling to go find someone, then what you’re not doing is attracting. What everyone has is a certain level of attractiveness.

The action that you’re looking for, arrives once you raise your attraction level. What doing so does, is you’ll then go on the path towards attracting your soul mate yourself.

Know Your Level Of Attractiveness
Think of yourself as a magnet. Do you naturally repel or attract people in general. Do others gravitate towards you, or do they keep their distance. Are you able to keep healthy relationships with friends and coworkers. Do you know a lot of people, but aren’t close to anyone.

What everyone has is a level of attraction, so know yours. This is not just aesthetics, but also your attitude, energy, emotional intelligence, vibe, and personality.

Define what your attraction level is by how others respond to you. Start to recognize a pattern, such as, is it different from the opposite sex, or someone who’s older.

Take an honest inventory of yourself, and decide what it is. What doing so does is raises your awareness and mindfulness levels, and then start improving yourself.

Avoid Being Constantly Reactive
There’s nothing that repels people more, than someone who’s always reactive. What no one wants to feel is that they’re walking into a minefield, this whenever they’re around you.

The way to decide if you’re being reactive, is by realizing if you constantly just respond to others, this to whatever they say, ask, or do, this when it comes to situations or events.

Take a measurement of how your words, your energy and your actions directly affects those around you. Do you allow yourself to have sudden knee-jerk reactions to everything.

Is the nature of your personality calm and collected. Do you attempt to fully understand before being understood. Do you think that the sky is falling, or your mind is always on “search and destroy” mode.


Reactive Is Toxic
What most who’s on a path of personal growth does, is eliminates all of the toxic people around them. If you constantly find yourself alone, then you might be reactive and toxic. If you find yourself getting upset, then you’re most likely reactive rather than proactive.

What it takes is awareness and practice, this when responding to life by becoming more direct and not to react. Most are raised to be polite to others, but never taught or told how to respond.

Make Yourself More Attractive
This by being more aware of yourself. There’s nothing more attractive than someone who obviously takes care of themselves. What doing so does is fulfills our basic needs.

Emotional Need – What you need is an outlet to process your emotions. This could be meditation, a good friend, or therapy. Anything that allows you to process your feelings

Spiritual Need – Which doesn’t refer to you becoming religious. What it means is just being more spiritual. The belief that there’s something greater than yourself

Intellectual Need – To constantly be feeding, stimulating, and educating yourself. Avoid sitting in front of the TV all night

Physical Need – Adopt a proper diet and exercise. Do you choose to eat well, while having a consistent fitness routine, and feel comfortable with your body

Financial Need – Do you like your career. Are you constantly working towards something better. Do you budget and manage your money well. Or do you spend beyond your means, such as living in a studio apartment, while leasing an expensive sports car

Making Yourself More Attractive
What are you doing that excites you. Doing what you love is the direct path to fulfilling your potential. The ability to pursue these needs is what balances your life.The more balanced that you are, the higher that your attraction level is.

What’s needed is to assess your attraction level, and then develop a plan to execute it, which pushes you to the brink of your potential.