Find Passion In Life By Living Your True Purpose

What most want are the best things in life for themselves. But more often than not, many will fail to even begin their life journey towards their true destiny. Many are redundant, live stagnant and worse, will just sit dormant in the back seat, as someone else navigates their lives.

Understand you are the commander of your life, not anyone else. You determine what it will look feel and act like in the future, starting today.

It’s the present that you want get hold of, so you can set the foundation on how your life will be 5, 10, 20 years from now.

You’re wondering how can I begin?

Start Wondering About The Things You Want
Most don’t know or aren’t aware, or ignorant of, how or what they want their life to be or look like.

When was the last time that you sat down, took inventory, while introspecting and searching for your higher power to figure out the things you want?

Soul searching is the best way to understand how and what you want your life to look like, so make sure you set aside some time for it.

Once you realize what you actually want, you’ll feel relief and fulfillment, a feeling everybody ultimately wants.

Setting Goals Beyond Your Comfort Zone
What’s the point of taking the journey of getting better, if you’re not willing to take risks and be bold.

This doesn’t mean that you need to do dangerous or irresponsible things.

What this means, is that you need to be more daring, more ambitious and not be scared of facing challenges.

You need to be fearless and brave when facing your goals, with the determination you can achieve more in your life.

To start, you should set goals that are way beyond your comfort zone.

Muster Up The Confidence And Take Action
Confidence is the key ingredient that will propel you to take action.

You will discover that when you have confidence, it will help you reach your goals, while putting aside your vulnerabilities and fears.

With more conviction, you will uncover more strategies, that will fill in the gaps in your confidence, which previously kept you in the passenger seat.

Take Charge Do The Work
Whether you like it or not, the work that’s needed to be done, should be done by you and you alone. Don’t rely on anyone else.


No one will or should do it for you, when you’re ready to take action.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to figure out what you want for yourself.

So get up and run your own life, take charge towards the direction you want it to take.

Seize every opportunity thrown your way. Find and create happiness in your life.

After all, living on purpose means taking charge, getting out and controlling every peak and valley of your livelihood.

Making Goals And Stick To Them
Once you’ve decided what you want, you need to set goals to achieve them, and dedicate yourself to stick to them.

Most when setting goals, imagines a simple straight path towards their final destination.

However, the path is hardly ever linear or clear. The path is riddled with plenty of obstacles.

Expecting it to be a straight simple downhill path, is what derails many once they begin.

Anticipating obstacles however, will help you in planning for and conquering them, and they will become more easier than expected.

Don’t Lose Doubt Don’t Overthink
Once you set a plan, and are sure it will work, sticking to it should be easy, right?

The moment doubt creeps in, you’re behavior changes, and this very change is what derails the entire plan.

Although doubt at times can be a good thing, it will make you think twice before continuing on your destiny.

When in mid-stream while taking action towards your goals, chose to ignore all the doubt that comes up.

Choose one path, one plan, and make sure you follow through until you’ve reached success, or that evaluation point.

What you need to remember, is things never go as planned.

Plan Which Roadblocks Will Come Up
The most common excuse for not taking action are usually the “lacks.” The lack of energy, lack of time, or the lack of money.

Realize these issues are finite, and most likely, they haven’t been allocated properly.

When you make goals, you need to determine which “lack” might become your excuse, and then find ways to avoid it beforehand.

Define Your Priorities
Make sure that you resist the shiny new object syndrome.

Even once you’ve firmly set your goals, and become determined to reach them, there will be times when your priorities will suddenly take a left turn.

Even though your goal should be the most important thing to you, but once unexpected events occur, that goal usually becomes abandoned.

So what you need is to decide, is it worth it?

Make sure that you weigh the pro’s and the con’s of doing that other thing, so you won’t have any regrets in the end.

Stay On Track By Reaffirming Your Habits
To reach your goals, your preset habits will play a crucial role.

To accomplish anything that needs effort for an extended period of time, you need to create behavioral routines and changes to reach your goals.

So what if a situation arises, and your momentum gets disrupted?

To avoid getting off track, decide to alter your emotions, before changing your behavior.

Rekindle and renew your original motivation, on what pushed you to set that particular goal, and then proceed to reestablish your habit.

How Living On Purpose Works
Have you reached that point when confusion, emptiness, depression, and that “lacking” feeling merges all at once?

And what’s worse, is when they present themselves at the most inopportune times, and feels like the whole world is caving in.

Then the most simple things in life you enjoy, such as sleeping, eating, spending time with your friends and family, becomes anxious.

Things feel hard, heavy, you’re tired all the time, to the point that things become unbearable.

But before you crumble, you need to believe there is hope, by learning how to live your life on purpose.

Know how you want your ultimate life to look like, and decide why you should stick to your goals.

This is living your life on purpose.

Your Life Journey
This is when you wake up every morning, knowing that you are on the exact path where you want to go, regardless of what others might say.

To live life on purpose, you need to know the missing pieces that will complete the puzzle.

To discover that your ultimate purpose is to give, and not to get.

Once you’ve done this, once you have become of service to others, this is when everything comes together, and you finally find yourself.

This is when you understand what living life on purpose is all about.

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