Find A Career That You Love And Still Get Paid For It

why you need to find your perfect careerDuring our school years it’s all about Aptitude, we’re constantly being poked and prodded and then ultimately pigeonholed into who or what we are. Johnny is more suited to repair automobiles, but is asked to work in his family’s bakery, while Susie shows a high aptitude to become an accountant, but is currently a waitress. We rarely get to follow our true calling.

Once life begins to take over, it then becomes a priority just to earn a living, and what we’re really suited for becomes an option. It then becomes difficult to do what we’re designated to do, that would make us the happiest.

Then there are those who put their lives on hold to ultimately sacrifice for that prize career, while they forgo a life, ignoring immediate family and friends, or starting a family of their own, and then succumb to a life of absolute misery.

Others are expected or forced into following the footsteps of their family of lawyers, for instance, or what else society dictates. These situations can force your hand rather than you being able to independently investigate your own passion.

Although you can lead yourself towards professional success, but at the expense of any meaning or fulfillment. So there are those who lead these high profile professional lives, along with the six figure salary in these prestigious positions, but also have a hollow “emptiness” inside them because they hate what they’re doing.

Finding Your Best Career Choice
So how then, before life begins to swallow you whole, do you find your best career choice that’s best suitable for you.

Once you do decide to follow your heart and passion, those doors will ultimately open for you where you thought they never would, and where these doors don’t exist for anyone else.

So you need to decide what type of work is your ultimate bliss, the exact work which you adore so much that you would even do it for free, if you didn’t have all those mouths to feed and those bills to pay.

You know that you’ve found your ultimate career love when, once you wake up in the morning, or even the night before, you’re already looking forward to the day ahead.

You go to bed at night feeling and then dreaming about what you’ve done or about to do the next day. The bliss then becomes a calling, something that is within each of us, whether it’s on the surface on buried deep within somewhere. A career choice that you were obviously meant to do and be. There is a belief that each one of us has at least one, or several such callings in life.

Following That Blissful Career
The discovery of what you love to do can be followed either as a future career, or as endeavors outside of your current work, such as that Karaoke bar. So the true focus is on the different ways to identify and then pursue this career which stirs your passion.

It may even seem a bit unrealistic or unfair to reveal this type of subject during the current economic slowdown, or because of your life’s financial situation. This since it goes without saying that you need to do whatever you need to do, to make ends meet.

But the current economic downturn can also be a blessing, since the economy itself is recoiling itself. The new economy then may present an opportunity for you to reposition yourself to what you love to do, and then you need to be ready once the economy improves.

So the following are ways which may help you identify and then follow your true passion.

Knowing What Your True Potential Is
We’re all good at something in this life. It’s just a matter of discovering it before it’s too late. Some may be excellent in dealing with people, some with a paint brush, or electrical tools, while others with information processing.

Once we discover where our true potential lies, we can then begin to be drawn towards and then access our calling. If you’re not sure what your particular talent is, there are now several excellent resources which are available which can help you to fully identify yourself.

Decide What You Love To Do While Keeping Your Feet Planted
Once you discover what your true calling is, fulfill that or any other potential since individuals will usually have several natural abilities in different areas. The next step to take is aligning your strength with the careers which you feel passionate about.


From the list of potential fields that you identify, evaluate each of them in terms of employment possibilities. What type of job potential does this field offer over the next few decades.

Get to know or read about people who have succeeded in your particular new profession for some valuable input, such as earning potential. But it may also not be necessary to choose a new career path which is based on the availability of jobs. It’s always admirable to march to the beat of your own drum. This is just more of a pragmatic approach.

Begin Working Smarter
Once you’ve identified what your potential is and where your passion lies, then you need to work towards it as hard as possible. Become the absolute best that you can be. So it becomes important to work smarter as well, as what you’re seeking is valued, unique and more indispensable.

Since you’re now tapping into your true life potential, you will set yourself on track to excel at whatever you do. And because you have that passion, the chances are good that you’ll be completely driven and won’t mind doing the additional hard work that’s required.

It’s a fact of life however that not everyone gets to follow their true calling in life. The majority will get sidetracked by this thing call life and then become stuck in a rut. What then happens is they live a life of quiet desperation.

But it’s you that can beat the odds, if you decide to follow your bliss, do your own thing and not what everyone else tells you.

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