Features To Look For When Buying A Tablet PC Computer

One of the key differences where Tablet PCs can standout from other tablets on the market are the hardware configurations which they are fitted with. Although the most common features will usually carry over from tablet to tablet, such as:

• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Built-in enhanced audio and speakers
• Internal flash storage with capacity from 8GB up to 64GB
• Fully functional multi-touch screens
• Ability of record videos
• Front and rear facing digital cameras
• Dual-core CPUs, etc.

What distinguishes the different Tablet manufacturers is how they choose to offer these various functions.

Various Hardware Features On Tablets
There are significant differences depending on the manufacture on exactly where on the device they choose to place the various expansion slots, the ports, and the connectors. For some tablets for instance, they will use proprietary grade cables and connections while others will not.

Other differences include some manufacturers won’t bother to include a slot for a memory card where you’re easily able to expand storage, or be able to add additional media such as movies by using an external memory card. This because some of the tablets will just offer a fixed storage amount such as 8GB.

The same goes for the ports which are made available. One tablet PC may offer just one on-board USB port, where another model may have a fully functional HDMI-out port allowing for output to a HD quality video device such as an external computer monitor or a HDTV LCD TV.

Also, while all of the tablets will be equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for Internet access, there are others which offer Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G access as an option, which offers more convenience, but would also require a separate cellular data plan.

Tablets Convenient To Use
Tablets are excellent user friendly devices which offers easy and instant connectivity whether you’re using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G access. In addition, consumers should also be looking for a tablet which offers as many ports as possible, which helps in the overall convenience of the tablet users experience, especially if out on the road.

One specific port to look for that will come in handy on a tablet is a HDMI port, along with a full USB port. These are great options which are offered by some manufacturers, while not available on others, so it’s best to shop around.

It’s also cautioned that for the majority of tablets, including the industry leading Apple iPad, the construction of their frames are all relatively fragile and can be easily damaged.

So it’s advised that if you use them around young children or pets, they can be easily abused and suddenly stop working. Just one single drop on a hard surface, or the device accidentally being submerged in water can be costly.

Content For The Tablets
For the majority of new tablet buyers on the market, the overriding motivation to purchase one is to watch movies or videos, read ebooks, listen to music, storing and viewing photos, using apps, surfing the Internet and other important content related activities, usually on the go.

So what you need to do is consider what type of content that you’re wanting to store and do on your tablet. You need to decide what options you want and then make sure those functions are available when choosing a new device.

Understand where or how the content is coming from. Make sure that the apps that you are wanting are completely compatible, and if the CPU speed is able to keep up. Other considerations include screen resolution, the amount of on-board storage available, especially if you’re planning to store larger video files. After all, when it comes to these mobile devices, content is what their used for.

Your Tablet As A Media Device
When it comes to using the various content options on your tablet, make sure that you don’t overlook the devices ability for media playback. So before you purchase your tablet, know how much music or video that you personally own that you’re wanting to store on the tablet.

What you don’t want to do is having to convert some files or lose the quality of the media because the tablet isn’t able to playback certain codecs or file formats.

Apps For Tablets
When it comes to mobile applications, the majority of the tablets will usually come with some apps already pre-installed, such as the most popular ones such as, maps, an email client, weather advisor, calendar, etc., just to get you started. You’re also most likely wanting to add your own.


There are now 100’s of thousands of apps which are available on the market, and a variety of new ones for every imaginable function are appearing on a daily basis.

The official and approved app stores, such as the online stores from Apple, Google, Blackberry, Intel, and Amazon, are all continuously offering new apps specific for their hardware and software configurations.

You’ll need to know that some of the apps will be compatible for multiple tablet platforms, while there are also many that aren’t. So when choosing a tablet, knowing what type of content solution is compatible for that particular OS is absolutely paramount.

Without content or having the ability to download apps which will work properly on the tablet, all you have then is just a fancy shiny electronic device that’s non-functional and not much use.

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