Face To Face Networking Is Still Your Best Professional Skill

social networking for businessNetworking has always traditionally been promoted as an essential business tool as well as a personal social skill. There’s really no disputing that professional online social networking and personal face-to-face interaction has now become fundamentally important to be successful.

So what’s provided are tips collected from professional life trainers, promoters, collaborators who are all experts in positive networking practices and skills:

There’s Nothing Wrong With My Networking… Really!
You need to realize that because of the ease of going online, then looking at a computer screen all day, which gives you the ability to work from home, that everything is just fine.

If doing so makes you feel completely isolated, well you’re not the only one. Although you may have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime that you want, you’re also prone to feel this sense of isolation wherever you are. Surprisingly, what your doing is connecting relentless methods towards a new solitude.

The Dependence And Ease Of Technology
Although all this so called technology which is designed to make life and work a lot easier, quicker and more convenient, it’s still actually faster if you just walk up and talk to someone directly in person, or by picking up the phone and making a call.

So take the effort by not getting seduced by the easy desire to just email someone who’s ten feet away from you, but instead just walk up to them in their office and make a personal appearance.

Embracing The Convenience Of Everything Digital
Online social networking and media offers a lot of outlets which can easily squeeze as well as waste valuable time out of your day. So realize that it may not always be practical to constantly be tweeting, blogging, going on Facebook or LinkedIn, just to constantly update your every move.

Instead of riding all of the various social media outlets, do just one or two things extremely well. So before you plan to upload, comment or send something online on Facebook, ask yourself, would doing this add anything to my reputation or my brand, or could it even help anyone?

Make Sure To Use LinkedIn
LinkedIn as you know, is the social goto site for making and then developing business connections. It has quickly become the ultimate source of online networking for finding and connecting with people in business. LinkedIn can help you as an individual or your business to network more efficiently.

Making Yourself Distinct
When it comes to social networking, most likely, you may not just be that exciting, dynamic or outstanding. If you also have a generic name that’s extremely common, such as Joe Smith, or have the misfortune of sharing a name with someone who is famous for the wrong reasons, then begin using an initial of your middle name to distinguish yourself.

Also, are there any wild and crazy uncomplimentary photos of you floating around on the Internet from that last Vegas convention? If you’re not sure, you may just want to Google yourself and take a look. Is all that appears in the search is your professional head-shot image, or is there also a few “less than flattering” pictures of you online who you share the same name with.

Defining What Business Networking Is
It may be time to throw out the visual that networking is all about drinking glasses of wine at cheese parties, schmoozing and mingling. You need to realize that networking is simply about reaching out and then making a connection, with dignity and professionalism.

It can happen at the deli, or the elevator at work, someone your sitting with on an airplane, and especially business or social events such as seminars. There will always be someone within close proximity to you who presents an opportunity for you to say “hello” and then connecting with them. Networking is all about a specific attitude, and not an event.

Teaching Social Intelligence Skills
When it comes to your kids, who else is going to teach them the proper social graces and manners that’s required in life, specifically business. Would they even bother to think about shaking hands with someone when they meet an adult. Do they know how to properly converse with someone who’s much older than them. If you somehow missed the lessons yourself on being taught these basic life skills, then it’s recommended that you brush up on them.

Making Things As Lively As Possible
Make sure that you always do your part to bringing some life and humor to the office or business meeting provided it’s appropriate. You can do this just by talking and then sharing your ideas in splendid detail.

There’s an idea developing that any form of communication can now be conveyed by just sending an email. Creativity is developed from spontaneous face to face meetings and from random discussions and not from reading a text message. So go out there and be social.


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