Extracted From Nature The Most Effective Ways To Reduce Pain

using white willow extractPain in the you know what. Is there any way to rid of uncomfortable body pain without experiencing any of the unwanted side effects. Pain is the key indicator of an issue or a change of sensitivity in the body. Pain when analyzed physiologically also involves complex processes for relief.

Body pain that’s experienced on a daily basis is perceived as an unpleasant sensation with different intensities based on the stress affected. Pain signals a certain concern within a region that we should give attention to.

There are some forms of pain which are tolerable while others just hurt too much. This the reason why throughout the history of civilization, there’s been rapid development in science and technology to search for better more efficient ways of preventing and treating body pain.

The History Of Pain Hurts
Historically, treatment for various illnesses and disease had to be found from completely natural resources which were found in the environment. But today, there’s the synthetic man made chemicals which has been developed by chemists for effective cure, some offset with side effects.

There are an increasing number of individuals who continue to prefer the natural forms of treatment, those who are not wanting or get a reaction from prescribed medication, or they just can’t afford its high costs.

There are some proven natural forms of pain relief which has been developed over thousands of years, which still remain effective today, as one constant is the body pain remains the same.

Best Natural Cures For Body Pain

Salicin Derived From White Willow Bark
This extract from the bark of the white willow is known to be an excellent cure for relieving general body pain, along with lowering fever. The active ingredient is salicin, which when converted by the body turns into salicylic acid.


This particular acid is thought to decrease the levels of prostaglandin, which is known to cause body pain and inflammation. For this reason, white willow has been used to treat acute and chronic pain such as backaches, headaches, and menstrual cramps.

White willow is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective treatment for arthritis.

The Lobelin Herb
The extract of lobelia is commonly used as a muscle relaxant. Its active ingredient is lobelin, which is known to reduce inflammation and body pain. The early pioneers who realized its effectiveness either chewed or smoked lobelia as a preventive measure.

Boswellic Acid
The purified extracted resin of boswelia has been used in India because of its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Boswellic acid is known to prevent certain chemical reactions within the body which leads to inflammation. This treatment is also known to be used as a cure for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ginger Root
What the extract of ginger contains is an active ingredient known as gingerols, which is similar to capsaicin. Capsaicin, a known component of chili peppers has long been known to relieve pain. Like capsaicin, gingerols has the same effects, and considered an alternative in the relief of pain under certain conditions.

Natural Ways To Relieve Pain
Along with using these natural sources as treatment alternates, there are certain activities which has proven to reduce pain without the aid of medication.

A Routine Exercise Program – Recommended by all doctors that exercising is essential for maintaining better health. The primary reason being the release of endorphins when engaging in any physical activity.

Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers. What they do is prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain. The actual pain then isn’t usually felt by the person, or the intensity is lessened.

Consuming Natural Sugar – This according to focused research groups that when exposing oneself to natural sweeteners such as fruit, doing so can lessen or at times even prevent the sensation of pain.

Stretching The Muscles – For certain types of pain which are associated with the common muscle areas in the body, such as the low back and legs, proper stretching can effectively prevent these conditions from occurring.


Getting Outdoors More – Getting natural sunshine and vitamin D helps lessen the impact or the perception of pain. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium which helps the bones to repair itself and grow, which eliminates the pain.

Exposure to sun, around 15 minutes per day provides all of the daily amounts of vitamin D that’s needed. This the reason to get yourself outdoors and get sunshine, or take supplements.

Getting Adequate Sleep – Getting the appropriate amount of sleep on a nightly basis is important for the restoration of the body to be able to heal itself, including the repairing process during and after an injury, or for just general body pain.

An Active Creative Imagination – At times, just thinking of pleasant thoughts can help relax the entire body. A relaxed state helps in lessening the intensity of pain, or will even prevent it from happening.

So adopt a proper state of mind, as the human body has an infinite capacity to heal itself naturally, and at times, all that’s needed is a change in perspective. Just visualizing the healing of pain can at times lessen its effects.

Try Meditation – Most modern healers and health practitioners attest to the healing capacity of meditation. Doing so lessens the overall intensity of pain while making one feel stronger, which refreshes and then reinvigorates the entire body.

The Alleviation Of Pain
Using these natural alternatives for pain relief should be a starting point, and if they’re not effective in alleviating the pain, then further professional advice should be sought out.

It’s also recommended to consult with a physician when using these natural herbal sources, as they may conflict with whatever you’re currently taking, which can lead towards further complications, potentially worsening the condition.

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