Establishing Wealth Habits By Knowing What Your Purpose Is

to-become-successful-in-lifeIt’s found that those who has a primary focus in life, a dream that they’re pursuing, having a rock solid main purpose in life are by far the most wealthiest of individuals. What they have is extreme passion for what they do for a living, so they’re happy to devote endless hours on a daily basis, driving towards their core purpose.

The reason why most don’t make the income they’re wanting from their business or job, is because they’re doing something they don’t like doing. Once you begin to earn the income that you’re wanting, is when you’re doing something you love, one which elevates your emotional state of passion.

Having intelligence, charm, and being talented are excellent traits, but more often than not, just possessing these characteristics usually isn’t enough. What separates the most successful among us from those who are struggling to scratch out a living, is dedication.

To Alter Habits
Habits are those self reactionary, subconscious second-nature activities which drives how we react, on autopilot, and can take up to 40% percent of our waking hours.

So that means 24 minutes out of every hour, what we do is just react to our conditioning, this regardless of the situation we’re in. Habits are neural pathways that are stored in the center of our brains, and will react on instinct.

These habits are designed to save our brain energy. Once a habit is formed and stored, the areas of the brain which are assigned to make conscious decision making, ceases to participate. What’s known is that there’s good habits and bad habits.

Talk Less While Listening More
What some recommend is a ratio as high as 5-to-1. Meaning that you should be listening to others for five minutes, to every minute that you speak.

Those who are successful are excellent communicators because they’re good listeners first. What they understand is that they can learn and educate the best by listening to what others have to say. The more you’re able to learn about others, the more you can help them.

Avoid Toxic People
We’ve all heard that we’re only as successful as the five closest people, that we spend the most time with. For those who are successful, 4 out of 5 people that they spend time with, are successful themselves. Those who are poor, spend all their time with other poor people.

So if you’re wanting to improve your financial status, begin by evaluating each of your closest relationships, and determine if they’re helping or hindering your progress.

Start spending more time with those on your same wavelength, those who has the aspirations and potential to get better, to improve their lives, has the hunger to succeed.

Remove Self-limiting Beliefs
If you’re currently struggling financially, what you most likely tell yourself are some beliefs which aren’t true, such as, you can never become rich. That rich people are lucky, or smarter, have better education. They can’t do anything wrong.

What each of these self-limiting beliefs does is chips away, alters your behavior negatively. What most wealthy people will do, is attribute their success in life to what their “positive” beliefs are.

Do More Than Asked
What those who are unsuccessful has is a “that’s not my job” mentality. As a result, they’re never asked to do more, or they’re not given more responsibility, and their wage doesn’t grow as a result.

Those who become wealthy, will do is make themselves invaluable to their customers or employers, as they’ll always go beyond what they’re asked. What successful people will do is work harder to achieve the mutual goals of everyone concerned.

Control Emotions
You don’t need to say every thought that you have, good or bad. Every emotion that you have doesn’t need to be expressed outwardly. Once you say what’s on your mind, what you’re doing is risk hurting others.

Talking too much is a bad habit that the majority of those who struggles financially has. Conversely, 95% percent of those who are wealthy, has learned to filter and control their emotions.


They know from experience that allowing emotions to control them, can destroy relationships both at work and at home.

Fight Off Fear
Fear is thought to be the most damaging negative emotion that needs to be controlled. Any change, regardless if it’s positive or negative, can do is prompt the feelings of fear.

What those who are wealthy has is conditioned themselves to overcome these feelings, while those who are struggling financially, allows fear to intercept their aspirations, which holds them back.

Some fear change, making mistakes, taking risks, or the fear or failure itself. Conquering them mindfully, this by fighting off these thoughts which persistently filters in, becomes key.

Network And Volunteer Often
You’re as successful as your connections, so make it a point to constantly be building better networks which can result in more customers, clients, better relationships, or help you land that better job.

It’s found that those who are successful, make it a point to volunteer their time whenever they can, as they benefit from giving back to their community or a good cause.

One perk when volunteering is the like minded company that you’ll keep. So what developing personal relationships with these individuals will often result in, are future business relationships.

Never Give Up
What those who are successful in life, all have are three distinct attributes in common. These are persistence, focus, and patience. What they never do is stop chasing their dreams, while those who struggle financially, will quit after their first rejection.

What’s realized, is that the difference between those who succeed or fail, are often intuitive, and not that significant. All that’s needed is making a few tweaks in their habits.