Effectively Persuading Your Online Visitors To Take Action

how to be more persuasiveIt’s just all a matter of persuasion. How you get your prospects, your potential customers to take action, to do something, anything. The classic door to door salesman knew the exact triggers on why people buy. If you know these keys yourself, then you can target anyone and anything.

But know this isn’t in any way an attempt to manipulate or deceit. There’s one rule of thumb within the industry, which is more common sense, and that’s you never approach anyone about making an important decision when they’re angry.

Every spouse knows how to put their significant other in the proper “mood” before they spring their particular request. Children know this better than anyone, as they’ll wait until their parents are in a better mood, before they’ll ask them what they want.

To Create Scarcity
People enjoy going after opportunities, products, or services that are in demand, unique, or limited in availability. That’s why marketers will constantly display their product just for a limited time only, or in limited quantities.

There are tests which prove that limited quantity ads pull much better than limited time ads. Procrastination plays a huge part when it comes to human nature, so we’ll wait until the very last possible moment to act.

If the prospect knows that the item happens to be in limited supply, they have no way of knowing when that product will be sold out, which creates urgency.

The “Herding” Mentality
Your prospects will respond in droves if you’re able to prove that others who are similar to them, are responding like mad. This is similar to that door-to-door salesman, knocking on your door attempting to sell magazine subscriptions.


They’ll tell you that your next door neighbor Sally, just bought a subscription. What we all want is to be similar to them, so most will buy a subscription as well, whether they really need it is another story.

It’s the “Keeping Up With The Jones'” syndrome. Once someone installs a satellite dish on their block, then others on the same block are surely soon to follow. Everyone else wants to keep up.

This is where the use of testimonials can come in. What your testimonials say is “See, a lot of us people who are just like you are buying this.”

The Want To Give Back
Once someone believes that you’ve “given” them something of value, then they develop a strong desire to pay you back some how.

So in your marketing efforts, you’ll need to offer something that’s of value, preferably free. What doing so does is it builds up loyalty followed by results. So show the value and benefits of what your “free” service is, while preferably avoiding using the word free.

Show the value of whatever it is that you’re giving away. Doing so becomes important since you want the buyer to place value in your bonus.

Show Authority
People will listen to you once they detect you’re an authority in your industry or subject. If you think you don’t have authority, then appeal to the authority figures, seek them out, and then quote from them while giving full accreditation.

Get Them To Commit
Once someone has made a commitment to take action, especially if it’s in public and they’re sticking their neck on the line, then they’re more likely to follow through.

So find ways to get them to commit, then more than likely, they’ll take the required action. This is why motivational speakers will tell you to write your goals down, as you’re then more than likely to complete them.

Once someone decides to submit their email on an optin form for more information, what doing that physical action did was it committed them to take some type of additional action, to respond in some way.


Raising Your Likability Factor
People will respond better and more often if they like you. It becomes difficult to influence someone who you have absolutely no relationship with, even if it’s a perceived relationship. This is especially overlooked when marketing online.

The Internet can often appear like a cold dark place, riled with scammers and spammers, who are out there to take your money. It’s found that once a visitor reads your ad or your sales page, submits their email address, they need to read or see the same message at least 7 times until they’ll take action.

Although online marketing is a proven efficient method of building relationships, this through email, media ads, social media, etc., what remains is that for someone to buy from you, they need to know, like, and trust you.

So give them value, a lot of value, work hard to gain their trust and build on that trust, this by offering more than they expect, then you’ll have a customer and a friend for life.

The “What’s In It For Me” Syndrome
Once your visitor reads your sales page or sees your ad, the biggest question that they have is, what’s in it for me, how can you solve my problem? So make sure that you give them a reason, plenty of benefits.

Appeal to one of the big three human needs, health, wealth, or self. Hit a nerve on what they’re craving, whether it be losing weight, making money, or love/security. Also appeal to their fears, the pain that they’re going through, the loss that they’re feeling.

Research has shown that most individuals will respond better to potential loss rather than gain. So make sure that you tell them what they can lose, the pain that they would suffer, if they don’t get your product. Then hit that nerve hard.

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