Effective Ways On Making That Initial First Impression Count

how to make a good first impressionSome will tell you that first impressions are often cured by a second look. But what you should do is care, yet it may be surprising how many will discount the importance of giving a good first impression, when initially meeting someone new.

They’ll appear aloof, unaware and uninterested when doing so, not caring how they come across when meeting someone who’s more important than them, as these impressions count. This when it comes to one’s business development or interviewing for a job.

So take it from the experts at the other side of the table and through their viewpoint. They’ll immediately judge how you present yourself the instance that they see you, whether you might be a new vendor, potential working partner, management candidate, or an entry-level applicant.

They’re also absolutely astounded and at times become terrified on how poorly some will present and project themselves in person, when they need to make presentation points.

Then these are the same individuals who’ll complain while expressing their displeasure and dissatisfaction with their inability to be able to land that job, close those deals, attract new opportunities, or make the right contacts.

For most, it has nothing to do with their financial status or the economy, or blame it on bad luck which gets in their way. It boils down to their inability to imprint the kind of first impression which would make the other party want to deal with them, to come back and spend more time and money with.

So what’s in order is a bit of better intent which will go a long way towards how others will see you. Note these following tips which should “wow” them from first contact.

Be Modern Hip And Current
It’s now easier than ever to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world. Those who don’t appear to know what’s “current,” what’s going on comes across as ignorant and unaware.

Although everyone is busy, make it a point to reserve a bit of time to check out what’s happening and this is now easy to do. Just bookmark several news sites such as Yahoo, Google, and CNN. That way, every time you go online, you’ll immediately know what’s happening.

Then make it a point to briefly spend a bit of time on the latest topics of relevance, and not on the latest gossip or sports scores. Knowing what’s going on in the news will help you in becoming a better conversationalist, while finding common ground with whomever.

Expressing Genuine Interest In Others
Interviewers can immediately spot if you’re right for them or not, this the instance when you begin talking by they asking you simple open ended questions. They’ll immediately know that you’re an option for them.

So make it a point to direct your responses to be precisely relevant to the question. Or it can become obvious to them that although you may be interested, but not interested enough to listen or do research, then they’re not interested in you.

Learning Proper Etiquette
Those who are new to North American culture are usually recommended to take proper etiquette courses, this especially if their cultures are different. As a result, these individuals end up knowing more about displaying proper manners than their North American peers.

But since appropriate behavior and etiquette is forever changing, not many will for instance throw his coat over a puddle, or open a door for a lady any longer. But do display constant acts of kindness and respect, as decorum and chivalry still goes a long way, which also elevates your impression on others.

Think about the immediate yet simple details such as having a firm handshake, saying “Please” and “Thank You,” and excusing yourself whenever you’re wanting to leave. All of these proper habits will show new acquaintances that you’re thoughtful as well as considerate towards others.

Dressing For Success
Your outer appearance, how you look on first sight is your packaging. If you happen to look drab and unappealing, people will have an immediate negative reaction about you.

But there’s no need to spend a lot of money to look properly groomed and designer dressed. Every major metropolitan area will have places where you can get a decent stylish haircut for a reasonable cost, and there’s an abundance of clothes which are affordable in local stores or online.


What proper grooming takes is a bit of time and attention. You need to pay strict attention to the details such as your hair, nails and appropriate shoes. Being devilishly stylish doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot.

What you need to understand is basic color, material, and the effect they have. Every industry has appearance standards, and you need to either meet or exceed them, this regardless of your position. If you put in the effort, others will immediately notice and will respect you more.

Make Your Online Presence Reflect Who You Are
Unless you meet someone in person while public networking, the odds are good that your initial first impression will be made by others online. If you’re in business or looking for a job, nearly everyone will now look at your LinkedIn or Facebook profile before they even bother engaging you by phone or in person.

If they come across any outdated or inappropriate information, or are treated to errors, embarrassing photos or poor taste in humor, then their impression of you will become completely doomed right from the start.

So begin living in the era which is the Internet and social media by ridding of things that you don’t want others to see or discover, make sure that you clean that up. Dedicate the time as well as the effort in keeping everything appropriate, accurate and up to date.

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