Effective Proven Ways To Stop Yourself From Eating Too Much

how to stop overeatingWe’re all guilty of overeating on occasion, usually privately as no one needs to know or witness we wolfing something down. Overeating, forcing food which we don’t need also is one of the most common health issues, and the biggest reason for weight gain.

What we do is spend countless weeks slimming down on a diet, lose painful calories at the gym, and then in one instance of sinful indulgence, overeating can offset all the efforts instantly. We all love to eat food, usually when we’re stressed out or under emotional duress.

The good news is that you can take certain steps to avoid this, as it’s not an entirely difficult habit to cure if approached properly. There are ways on how you can track and control yourself from overeating.

How To Control Your Eating

Never Buy Groceries On An Empty Stomach
This a classic wives tale and a common mistake which also happens to be completely true. This similar to an obese gentleman at a doughnut convention. You decide to go shopping for groceries while the hunger pangs are striking.

So absolutely everything in the store looks delicious, and as a result, you begin filling up your shopping cart with several convenient bakery goods. You buy foods which are instant or can easily be thrown in the microwave for a quick meal.

So make sure that you snack on something like a banana, filling you up, while compiling a weekly shopping list of the things that you really need, and don’t stray from that list.

Having Smaller Dinners
This the secret of the buffets, which is they have smaller plates which gives the illusion you have more food on your plate. This may be common sense but there’s so many who continues to make gigantic meals at home, and will serve them on huge plates at the dinner table.

The more food that you prepare, the more that you’ll eat. You might think you can have the leftovers for lunch, but the odds are good you’ll go back for seconds instead.

Always Eat A Full Breakfast
Not only are there health benefits when eating a complete breakfast, but it’s also an effective antidote from overeating mid morning, or having a humongous lunch. If you happen to skip breakfast, around 11AM is when your body usually gets incredibly hungry. This when the binge eating from the vending machine begins.

Eating a breakfast that’s packed with nutrition gives you the sustained willpower that you need, while loading your day with energy to stay fuller longer. So always make time for a healthy breakfast.

Drink Lots Of Water
Another secret of the buffets is they have dedicated servers who are always filling up your water glass so you’ll drink more, giving you the illusion that your full. So drink plenty of water yourself before a meal.

Most often, people will think that they’re hungry when they’re just thirsty. So drink plenty of water once you begin feeling that mid day food craving.

Always Be Planning Ahead
Planning what you eat ahead of time goes a long way when it comes to curbing your appetite. On the weekend, slice up all your fruits and vegetables and then store them in containers for the week.

Whenever you begin to feel hungry, eat them for a healthy snack instead of hitting that slice of cake or reaching for that bag of chips.

Eat Slower
Eating slower is one of the most effective ways to avoid overeating. Not only will you actually enjoy the food more, but you’re also giving your stomach the proper time it needs to signal your brain that you’re full.

What eating too quickly does is that by the time your brain gets the message that you’re full, you’ve eaten too much.

Eating More Frequently
All the health experts agree that eating more frequently during the day with smaller meals is the most effective way to prevent overeating. Eating healthy smaller nutritious meals ensures that your body will never get to the point of being too hungry.


Once you allow yourself to get hungry, you’ll increase the chances that you’ll binge eat. So as soon as you feel hunger, eat a small healthy snack or drink some water to immediately satisfy yourself until your next small meal.

Eat A Lot Of Protein
Make an effort to get more protein into your diet, which will make you feel a lot fuller quicker while eating less, this than most other foods. So make sure that your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners all have lots of protein in them. Learn to know the foods which contain high amounts of protein.

Eat A Lot Of Fiber
Similar to eating lots of protein, select the foods which are also high in fiber, as they’re known to make you feel a lot fuller faster as well. For this and the health benefits, eat full servings of food which are loaded with them, which is a proven solution for overeating.

So instead of snacking on unhealthy treats, research to know the most fiber rich foods such as a bowl of granola, a stack of natural wheat crackers, or fresh fruits and vegetables which offers the most fiber punch.

Avoid All Forms Of Junk Food
If you happen to have any type of “junk” food in your home, you’ll find a way to eat them. Most if they begin to feel a craving for any type of junk food, will make a special trip to the store to buy something that’s sugary or salty.

So instead, force yourself to snack on the previously chopped up veggies or fruit instead to cure your hunger. You’ll certainly feel a lot better about it later.

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