Diary Of A Sociopath Reasons Why Not To Converse With One

someone who can be annoying and sociapathicThen there are those individuals that are not universally likeable, but yet you extend an effort towards them in the attempts to know them.

But often, you’ll leave the conversation feeling somewhat perplexed, demeaned, or somehow angry.

There are some who you just dread running into when you see them, since they, like industrial grade sandpaper, rubs you the wrong way, their arguments contrary to everything that you say.

The art of attempting to understand unreasonable people usually provokes certain interpersonal crises which really aren’t your fault, they usually have nothing to do with you, and you don’t really care.

But when you’re required to deal with these types of disordered individuals, don’t make the classic mistake of attempting to make the relationship or conversation somehow work.

When forced to deal with these odd fellows, avoid jabbing a stick at them, those people who has a slight personality disorder. The characteristics where someone has narcissistic or sociopath tenancies.

Interacting with them may make you feel bad about yourself when you walk away from them, as they’ll often say or do things which won’t quite sit right with you.

They’ll often offer a charming exterior and delivery about them, an easy way to make you laugh, or do or say something nice, which makes you confused about who the real person is.

Most will instinctively choose to focus on just the good things while downplaying or dismissing the pathological signs, this often usually at their peril.

Although everyone doesn’t have a full-blown personality disorder, but will border on related traits which expresses themselves from time to time, but reveals itself at the most inopportune times.

What it does is you take a hit on your self-esteem when being around them.

The Signs Of A Sociopath Personality
• They’ll have a difficult time having a fair conversation, they’ll twist your words or ignore them, giving the impression that you’re the one who can’t communicate
• Those who make subtly jabbing stabs or overtly demeaning comments saying cutting remarks usually intended to be humor
• Those that don’t respect existing boundaries while enjoy stepping over them
• They’re not willing to consider your point of view as accurate as they may be, or will listen to your side of things by either ignoring or exploding back when attempting to explain something
• They can be excessively charming and at times appear too good to be true, while you know they have an ulterior motive in their favor

Minimizing The Exposure To Any Type Of Pathology
Remain As Logical As Possible – If you need to connect with or reason with these individuals, remain to stay as grounded as possible. When you pose position “X,” they’ll usually counteract with position “Y.” So attempting to do so only works with those who are reasonable.

Those who are unreasonable usually just don’t care, and their response or a lack of one will often just make you more upset. So it’s best to keep the communication as fact based as possible while using minimal details.

Attempting To Change Someone – You at times will see certain people in your life who you feel could be different, but they always end up disappointing you. But then you fall for it again, getting your hopes up as they’ll initially treat you nice, appearing to have turned a new leaf.

Just stop yourself and accept this person for who they really are, which will most likely prove to be a relief.

Focusing In On Their Conversation – One method of avoiding becoming a target of manipulation or demeaning comments, having your words completely twisted, is by saying as little as possible.


Volunteer as little information as possible while getting them to talk about themselves, this since they’re a lot more of an important conversation subject than you are.

Don’t Bother Trying To Get Them On Your Side – Don’t attempt trying to explain yourself, or try getting them to understand what your saying, or asking them to empathize with your perspective.

Don’t bother trying since they most likely won’t, and don’t care. You’ll most likely just feel worse just for trying.

Creating A Distraction – If you absolutely need to spend time with someone who bothers you, attempt to be around them where there’s some type of a distraction.

Focus on being distracted by watching TV, have the interaction based on some type of activity, or offer to do something which takes you away from they being the main focus.

If you’re not able to do something which absorbs their attention by taking it away from you, the better it is.

Don’t Socialize Around Them – Although it may be tempting to kick back a drink or two around individuals of this type, it just makes you that much more vulnerable, while exposing you to say or do something which will either make you look or feel bad, or make you a target.

Because They’re A Part Of Your Life
If you hold firm on these tactics while managing to conduct these interactions being as friendly and civil as possible, you then might be able to manage to somehow save the relationship.

Not that you would want to, but in some cases the person is someone who you can’t avoid, such as an employer or a relative, or someone who’s a permanent key fixture in your life and can’t cut them loose. Then these methods may prove to be effective.

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