Currrent Reviews

We provide current reviews of live events, sporting events, music and concerts, movies and pertinent news events…
which will typically be short, prompt and to the point, fact based articles that will accurately inform readers about the performance or event. The comments by the reviewers will fall into two categories: technical reviews or artistic subjective reviews and comments. Some elements of the “technical” reviews may include: errors, mistakes or slip-ups of the event. These elements will be fairly “black and white” in nature. For example, a performer playing in a concert either played the proper notes on a climactic scale, or he completely missed it altogether.

Subjective comments will refer to unbiased comments which are simply a matter of taste based on the individual reviewer, so it will be an opinion. The delicate balance will be reached between the certain different elements in a review, such as info about the performer or the group; and information regarding the song selection etc.

Keep in mind that the individual comments regarding the technical and/or subjective elements of the performance or event may also depend upon the particular audience that the reviewer is writing for. These reviewers may be writing for a blog, local newspaper or a niche specific magazine. They may not be able to assume the readers will be completely familiar with the individual musical performers or actors in a movie. So the writer may decide to include pertinent background information as well.

Certain critics who also review say… recordings of certain music, may include just individual songs or entire albums in their reviews. If the review is based on an entire album or movie, the reviewer will judge the individual songs or actor performances, and well as judge how they work or go together to provide the entire package.

Consumer reviews often refer to a review written by the owner of the product or event to the end user as a service. This may be useful as the reviewer has sufficient experience to write on the reliability of the product and whether or not that service will deliver on its promise.

An ‘expert’ review will usually refer to products or current events that has been tested, or has seen several peer products and/or services to easily identify which will offer the best value or quality for the money. The review will also be based on who has the best set of product features as well.



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