Curing The Anxiety By Managing Stress During The Holidays

how to relax during the holidaysThe holidays are a hectic time of year as it comes to an end, a sense of closure looms. It should be the time for celebrating, enjoying the company of others, time for friends and family. But for some, they find themselves being completely stressed out.

There are numerous triggers for this stress, going on the edge of crazy during the holiday season, most phantom and unfounded. It’s been suggested by research that women are more prone, more vulnerable to this holiday stress, while not effectively managing it.

The key is to find out what stresses you out the most. Is it that particular person who you unload all your angst on, or that long “to-do” list of things that you need completed. Knowing what feeds this stress is the first step.

Then find ways to deal with it effectively. Does it give you headaches, do you get moody at certain people, find that you need a sip of spiked eggnog. Recognizing the pinpoints on how you handle this stress will help you in determining what works.

Take Relaxing Breaks
Once you wake up, take several deep breaths with your eyes closed and just relax. Imagine yourself in a quaint state, visualize a happy memory. Once you quiet down your mind before starting the day, you’ll be more in the flow and become less stressed.

Whenever you begin feeling the stress starting to elevate, and find yourself becoming overwhelmed, learn to take quick relaxation breaks to calm yourself down. Conscious, slow rates of breathing can help you when you’re out there in the hectic.

Don’t Be Annoying Or Get Annoyed
People will usually push all of their bad habits on you during the holidays, as you will on them. A relative will constantly push your panic buttons, co-workers will get on your nerves.

Step back and take a polar point of view. Attempt to witness what they’re going through, and then realize that they’re just showing their affection or concern, merely attempting to be convivial.

Just graciously thank them for all of their attention or help, even if it’s misguided. Rather than viewing your own situation by getting rude with annoyance, just be grateful instead.

Remain Physically Active
The best possible way to overcome stress over the holidays is not forgetting to exercise. What physical activity does is it boosts your fitness and energy levels while elevating your mood.

What exercise also does is it reduces tension, anger, fatigue, and confusion. Because of all the demands on your time, what most forget to do during the festive season is to workout.

Once you become inactive, you begin to get moody, frantic, begin taking your anger out on others, this just after several days of stagnation. What doing any form of exercise does is it gives you that “runner’s” high.

Research has shown that what doing cardiovascular exercises does is it elevates the brain and heart rate, which pumps up the production of endorphins, the body’s feel good neurotransmitters.

Eat Real Food
At this time of the year, when bridging from Christmas into the New Year, what we’re all tempted to do is eat all of the easily available empty sugar high-calorie treats.

To maintain your energy, it’s best to stick to those foods which grows on trees or on the ground. Try sticking to as many fruits and vegetables as possible, while choosing healthy fats such as olive oil, lean protein such as fish, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Prepare For Some “Me” Time
Become more efficient by writing down what you need to do during the holidays, which will give you a structured list of what your tasks are. Be realistic and begin tackling them one by one.

Once you practice self care by placing your needs first, what you’re then doing is making yourself fully available to others, this without showing resentment or anger.


It’s Better To Give Than To Get
One way to stay calm, cheerful and content is to have the mindset of being generous with everyone. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend beyond your budget.

You can be generous by being empathetic. Instead of being petty, mean spirited, or spiteful, feel what others are going through at this time of year.

Be nice, be creative with your gifts, show gratitude by saying thank you. Others will appreciate all your heartfelt sentiments.

Know How You Come Across
Unless you use effective awareness and relaxation techniques, your worries and stress will eventually compound and snowball, which can then trigger binge eating or overindulging on alcohol.

What then generally ensues are arguments with those close to you, while beginning to neglect your own needs. Then the course of action you take is devouring that box of chocolates to relax, or emptying out that bottle of wine, all this to sooth out your holiday edge.

So recognize your behavior, how you come across, and then get the proper support if you need it. Talk it out with those you know during these times, which then reduces the burden.

Maintaining Healthy Stress
If you’ve determined that your stressful behavior is excessive and not healthy, then identify and change them one at a time.

Never be too hard on yourself if you’re still feeling irritated at others, or are craving to go off the deep end by eating excessively. It takes time, awareness, and effort to make changes.

Just be mindful of taking good care of yourself first during these hectic times of anxiety, and try not to do too much for everyone. Maintain a healthy diet, get out and relax, and get adequate sleep.

Doing so will keep your body and mind healthy which contributes to cutting down on the stress and erratic behavior.

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