Creative Viral Marketing For Your Website or Blog By Giving Away Free Reports

It’s a pretty well known fact that everybody loves getting something for free. Like you giving away free informative niche reports or ebooks written by someone else. You can use these free reports which are written by other authors as the basis of your article. This will not only create additional publicity for the writer, but it will also draw traffic to your website or blog.

The goal is to read and compile the information contained in free reports and then consolidating the information into an article or a white paper of your own. Finding free reports written by other authors on virtually any niche subject imaginable is quite easy. You can Google “free report” as well as the “keywords” that may describe your area of interest. These free reports are quite often a lot longer than articles, most often between 1000 to 2000+ words and they tend to be a lot more technical in nature. These reports are more likely to use statistical facts and figures to convey the information.

The difference between a technical report and writing an article on the same subject is where you come in. You can take a hard to read report and break it down to make it easy to understand for your readers. This in turn will make you seem more of a reliable authority or expert on the subject. Readers will then begin to trust you in providing them with the newest developments even if the information isn’t necessarily created by you.

Don’t forget to share with your readers where you got your information. Do not copy and paste directly from the report and piece it together to help write or enhance your article. Make it unique. Once your article is written, allow readers to obtain the entire original report if they so choose to do so, by providing source information and a link to the entire report or ebook.

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