Have The Courage To Overcome Perfection When Facing Failure

Perfectionism is the antidote when it comes to starting, building then marketing your business. It restricts you from moving forward, and taking advantage of new opportunities. What we’ll constantly do, is dream up unrealistic expectations, seek perfection, then procrastinate.

Striving for perfection is an emotional response, one that damages our self-esteem and pride, this because of the fear of failure, that we’re not good enough. Instead, choose to adopt an attitude of striving for excellence. Look at failure, as just a notch in the learning process. Expect to make mistakes, to get ahead.

The best way to overcome perfectionism, is by taking action. Begin by showing the world who you are. Never wait until everything’s perfect, as things never will be.

Realize everything’s a work in progress, so do something right now, get feedback, and make the corrections as you move forward.

Just Say “No”
We often set standards that are too high and impossible to reach, even under the best of circumstances. During these times, learn to say “no” to yourself.

One setback of perfectionism, is we expect too much of ourselves to quickly. This isn’t saying sacrifice quality, but expending your energy unwisely, isn’t productive.

Set Realistic Goals
Placing unreasonably high demands on yourself, goes hand in hand with setting unrealistic goals. You can’t expect to do everything you want to at once, which develops procrastination.

Creating a reasonable plan on what needs to be done in your business, should be top priority. When doing major projects, break it down into smaller easier doable steps.

Creating a new website for instance, can be a daunting task. Breaking it up into a number of smaller steps, makes it easier to do.

Peer Support
Find advice such as from friends, colleagues, or family members, which will give you their honest feedback, on the projects you’re working on.

If you think that something you’re working on isn’t perfect enough, they should be able to provide you with the reasons why. Often, we get so caught up in what we’re doing, our perspective becomes distorted.

Work With Purpose
Adopt the mindset of whatever you’re doing, it’s the right and best thing at that moment. This will accelerate your business brand, as others will find your sense of personal conviction attractive.

Doing so also gives you the confidence to make things happen, and making them happen quickly. You’ll then begin taking more risks, attract new business, and work more effectively at everything you do.

Redefine Failure
Failure is an universal message that you’re doing something wrong, so expect it in your efforts. Failure isn’t the end but a new beginning, which also doesn’t mean you’re incompetent.

Consider failure to be your greatest teacher, which can mold your attitude and innovate your business. It provides you with invaluable data, that you’re doing something wrong, or going in the wrong direction.

The sooner that you master the fear of failure, the sooner you’re able to re-orient yourself in another direction, the road to your success.

Re-frame Your Attitude
Perfectionism is defined as one being free from fault or defect, or the state of being saintly. Define what it means to you.


The words that you use, this to describe who you are or what you do, makes a tremendous impact on your mindset, and the success you achieve.

So it becomes important how you define perfection for yourself. Begin by adopting the attitude, that you are “perfect” just the way you are, that you’re good enough.

Write down on paper what perfection means to you, then post it somewhere so you can read it on a daily basis, as a reminder.

Living In An Imperfect World
The best opportunities in life usually appears, when you’re not being perfect and just living life, when you’re least expecting it.

Opportunities will appear out of the blue, when you’re unarmed and not ready, so the key becomes to always be aware and waiting for opportunity.

Your imperfect self for instance, chats with someone else who also appears far from being perfect, and then suddenly the next thing you know, you both realize a potential new business partnership.

Opportunities are found everywhere. Take a look at the last few things you did, which you didn’t think were perfect, or didn’t meet your standards. Realize the results of what you did were, what blossomed as a result.

Just Make Things Happen
Just doing things, anything, putting yourself into action, telling others what you can do for them, are infinitely more valuable, than spending another dollar or minute, attempting to make everything perfect, this in the hopes that it’ll bring some type of success.

What people aren’t attracted to is perfection, they’re attracted to people who makes things happen.

If you’re at work trying to be perfect at everything you do, then you’re not in the position to gain more business, or make new business contacts.

It’s also important to surround yourself with others, who likes to take action. What they’ll do is motivate you to do the same, as well as giving you the opportunity to witness firsthand, the results that they’re getting, by taking this action.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Perfectionists will constantly put themselves down once not reaching their lofty goals, of not being perfect. Perfection is more an ideal and not realistic, as life’s a constant moving target.

So learn to forgive yourself, once you do something that you don’t think is good enough or perfect. Forgive yourself for being you, knowing that everything you do, has your best personal effort.

Potential clients aren’t attracted to you, this because of your business, website, or marketing. They’re drawn to you, because of who you are, all your imperfections.