Common Reasons Why Some People Never Seem To Get Sick

being as healthy as possible

Friends As Well As Family Are A Priority
Studies has shown that those who has bonded strong relationships with their friends and families all tend to have better immune systems and are thus a lot less unlikely to succumb to the Common Cold or even diseases.

Researchers has also discovered that having positive social interactions and attachments can protect you against any memory loss while aging as well as functioning better in related cognitive disorders.

Further studies based on males with labor intensive occupations who were exposed to risks of heart disease, concluded that those who had stronger social ties along with family support actually lowered their risk of cardiovascular disease.

Another study found that for those who had just a few acquaintances were more than likely to suffer from heart disease, anxiety or depression.

So if you have a need to boost up your “friends” count, you can try this experiment for a week or so. Go up and strike up a conversation or two every day with someone that you haven’t ever talked to in the past.

You should also attempt to listen a lot more than you speak, which may be difficult for some. The more you allow others to speak, the more generous and detailed they will be with their personal details.

Also, try to keep the bellyaching and whining to a mere minimum. Your tone of voice can actually determine how often that others will be wanting to talk or spend some actual time with you. If everything else fails, then get a dog,

Try To Stay In Proper pH Balance
According to some health practitioners who are dedicated to alternative medicine, the body is at its healthiest peak when it’s balanced halfway between being acidic and alkaline, as in being pH balanced.

When the pH level happens to fall below that mid tipping point, the body then suffers from what’s referred to as acidosis. Some of the symptoms can be minor fatigue, stomach and digestive problems, quick rapid breathing and mild confusion.

Many experts in this area claim that the typical North American diet, which is heavy in meat as well as sugar, has developed a near epidemic of acidosis. Most fruits and vegetables are alkalizing, so consuming them on a regular basis can reduce the risk of becoming too acidic.

So eat plenty of vegetables such as carrots, dark leafy greens, asparagus and green beans to fuel your alkaline diet. Other excellent secondary alkalizing foods include coconuts, cucumbers and avocados.

Eating Plenty Of Fresh Garlic
Which may not help in making any new friends as stated above. By numerous studies have shown that fresh garlic acts as an extremely powerful antioxidant as well as an antibiotic. This can significantly cut down the duration of the common cold once you catch one.

Also, garlic is efficient in reducing triglyceride, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels as well. Some experts in this field claim that the garlic’s actual medicinal value lessens when it’s taken in supplemental form. So it’s recommended that you eat fresh garlic to benefit from their healthy properties.

Make Sure That You Detox On A Regular Basis
There are a lot of harmful chemicals which can regularly enter our food and water supply. Scary names such as dioxins, phthalates and PCBs were completely absent from our environment just a few decades ago.

That just might be the reason why the rate of certain diseases in our society, such as cancer and liver disease are commonly linked to highly toxic exposure to these certain types of chemicals.

Although there hasn’t been any long-term studies on the exact benefits of detoxifying the body’s system, the chances are obviously pretty good that your health will improve if you lower the presence of these unwanted synthetic chemicals from your body.


If you currently suffer from fatigue, or have digestive issues, or have constant muscle pain, they are often signs that you’ll be able to benefit from a good detox program. The majority of these programs will require you to limit the intake of red meat, avoid sugar and dairy products, alcohol and caffeine.

You can purge and flush toxins out of your system by steaming yourself in a sauna, excess sweating or by taking specialized yoga classes such as Bikram, which is practiced in a steamy hot room, are all popular methods. Cleansing homeopathic and soothing mineral baths can help as well.

Make sure that you consult with your doctor before you decide to embark on any detox programs of any type. If you happen to be pregnant, or are currently nursing, have eating disorder issues, or suffer from any type of chronic health problems, then it’s vitally important to detox under the supervision and care of an experienced health care practitioner.

It’s Recommended You Take More Naps… Yes
If you happen to deprive yourself of much needed sleep, it can have the exact same biological effect as experiencing chronic stress. This is because bodies and minds which are extremely tired can pump up the production of a hormone known as cortisol.

The cortisol hormone gives you energy but it will also restrict the production of natural HGH or human growth hormone, which limits your body’s ability to be able to recover and repair itself.

Similar to experiencing stress, the loss of sleep also has a degenerative effect on one’s health. Not getting enough sleep is often related to a compromised immune function as well.

A recent study has found that the amount as well as the effectiveness of the immune cells will actually decrease from the result of not getting enough sleep.

One tip before taking a nap, although it may seem a bit counter-intuitive, is to drink a cup of coffee or tea right before you take a nap. This is because it usually takes around 20 minutes for the active caffeine to travel through the digestive system and actually kick in. So the thinking is that you should be able to fit in a short nap before the caffeine takes effect.

Research has actually found that those who consumed caffeine prior to a light snooze were a lot more alert once they woke up from their naps, over those who didn’t. Their post slumber work productivity also happened to increase as well.

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