Choosing Between Creative Acceptance Or Fighting Resistance

how to make changeResistance isn’t a new term by any means, but for many, being aware of resistance is new. The definition of resistance is: To strive against, withstand, to counteract, to exert force in or against opposition, to defeat or to frustrate. So, is resistance futile?

Resistance becomes useful for certain health hazards such as fighting off the flu or a virus. If your body’s immune system is functioning efficiently as it should, then you have resistance to that illness or disease, remaining as healthy as possible, not getting sick.

The temptation to do something which goes against your will can at times strengthen you, while giving into that same temptation will often damper your character.

Feeling resistance serves as an indicator that something isn’t quite right, becoming an instinct. It’s good to feel resistance and then ask yourself, “Why am I experiencing or feeling this way?”

When Resistance Becomes Harmful
There’s another angle to resistance, another side which can potentially destroy the very things that you want. This resistance arises from not wanting to change.

We as humans often demands, requests something that we want from the Universe, and then we’ll just resist the very changes that this request sets in motion for us.

For instance, what you requested was more money to enter your life. What the Universe then did was it filled the request, but not in a way that you expected, which was you needing to borrow money from a relative.

When you asked for more money, you had envisioned a different scenario than needing to borrow the money. You were hoping that your business income would increase, you’d win some money, or you would get a raise.

All what the Universe did was respond to your request, but you weren’t specific enough. You “needed” the security of borrowing that money, but the emotional dependence from that source is what’s holding you back from financial independence.

To Accept Something New
It’s always easier to accept change when you initiate it. When someone other than yourself tries to initiate this change in you, your first reaction is to resist.

What the attraction principle teaches is everything that enters your life is because of the result of some type of vibration within you. It may be also be a vibration you don’t like.

This vibration might be too subtle so you pay little attention to it. It might be a vibration that’s gone underground, such as hurt or anger, which you didn’t even bother acknowledging when you first experienced it.

To Control Your Emotions
Emotions are nothing more than energy in motion. Once you attempt to suppress an emotion, on which you’ve judged as being negative or dangerous, it doesn’t go away but it lingers.

It festers in your subconscious mind where it will silently sabotage your life, this by setting up resistance, which only invites more negative experiences, such as creating tension between someone you once liked.

Resistance Disintegrates Human Consciousness
Resistance will not only stall the process of getting what you ask for, but it also disintegrates, decomposes, and separates, which then fragments your true self.

What you then lose is a sense of wholeness. You then feel disconnected from the source. This disconnection begins to reveal itself on how you feel about yourself, along with how you relate with others.

Soon, what you’re doing is quarreling with someone you love, your best friend, blaming them for the situation at hand.


Is Resistance Futile
So what can you do about resistance. Is there an alternate, should you even be resisting resistance. It’s found that doing so doesn’t appear to work, this since once you attempt to suppress it, what you create is more of it.

So the solution is to just accept it, to learn creative acceptance. When looking into the essence of attraction, what becomes apparent is the path that it takes.

For instance, there was a period in history when people were persecuted if they resisted a philosophical belief, these beliefs which were defined by the political or religious authority in power.

For those who complied because they understood the protocol, knew how to control their thoughts, opinions, and emotions which were different from the governing body, and did so because they knew they would perish otherwise.

So the choice was to comply with all of the demands of the aggressors, while denying themselves, this to remain safe and not resist.

In most cases, to envelope the attraction process, most just simply moved on to find freedom to live with their beliefs in a more integral way.

Always Expect Change
One thing for certain is that change is bound to happen. Others will constantly make choices which will affect your life somehow, while we’ll make choices which will affect them.

It’s known that change is the only constant. So it depends on how well we’re able to handle change, this either invited or uninvited, which affects our vibration and quality of life.

So always take a few moments to notice resistance in your mind, body, and emotions. Does it feel like it’s restricted, tight, frustrating, confusing, or blocked. Note that all these emotions are evidence of resistance.

Once you realize resistance, ask your Higher Self for understanding and acceptance. Your mantra should be something like, “Please show me where I’m showing resistance, and then show me how I can creatively accept this situation.”

What we know for certain is that change will happen. Once it does, you’re going to either fight resistance or create acceptance.

One choice can contribute towards the disintegration of your character, while the other strengthens your sense of wholeness, but it’s up to you.

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