What Is Affiliate Marketing A Beginners Guide Start Here

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a “middleman” service that you provide, where you as an online marketer, promotes physical, digital or a service product that’s owned by others, in exchange for a commission.

You as a blogger, website owner or media advertiser acts as a bridge between the buyer and the seller. You store no inventory or handle the monetary transaction. You get paid once a sale is made.

You as an affiliate marketer can join any existing affiliate program at no charge, that’s specific to your niche. …

A Keto Diet Meal Plan Food List For Beginners

What is the Keto diet and why should you try it out, as there are a variety of other diets on the market. Do you struggle with your weight? If so, then you know it’s a difficult process to find a “real” food diet plan, along with an exercise regime that will keep the weight off for good. A Keto diet can help do this.

The “bad” of the Internet is the information overload it provides. It constantly promotes the latest trending fad diet or the easiest weight loss plan …

Visit 10 Of The Worlds Most Spectacular And Scariest Skywalks

What some just love is the adventure, the adrenaline rush, as what they get is a thrill from heights, as their pulse begins to race. Skywalks and natural suspension bridges are designed for this purpose. These are usually urban structures often suspended miles above the air, or a glass bridge built over a natural setting.

What they do is contribute towards the beauty and the natural wonders of the immediate environment. Some are completely transparent and stomach churning, and are absolutely frightful, while providing the most spectacular views that this …

9 Reasons Why There’s Still Hope For The Human Species To Exist

After the Industrial Revolution, the world as we know it began to rapidly change. Over the past century, the outlook of our lovely little green planet remained somewhat predictable. But today, recently, the future of mankind is becoming increasingly hazy and uncertain.

The citizen’s of earth are now becoming increasingly tense, as there’s the scarcity of resources and the constant threat of war, forcing most to think that we’re living on borrowed time.

Some futurist claim that the potential to destroy our civilization, is just a push of the “red” …

It’s Time To Wake Up And Take Better Care Of Our Little Green Planet

Any shade of green, is now becoming the current color of hip these days. This because we as collective individuals, living on this planet for the past half century, are all becoming more environmentally conscious. Every generation from baby boomers, millennials, to Gen Z, at one time or another, have been accused and found guilty of burning out this little rock that we call home, that’s beginning to spin out of control.

We are all guilty of these habits of excess, which was originally established by our parents, ancestors, and …