The Path Towards Finding Better Ways To Natural Healing

As we grow older, the scale begins to tip towards the need to heal, because of the ravages of aging takes its toll. The feeling of past wrongs begins to control our lives. This could be the small regrets and pains, the sorrows beginning to engulf in doubt, as our maladies not always chronic, adds up.

What results is anger, resentment, and frustration, towards the mind beginning to fail, as it’s not as responsive as it once was.

What’s needed instead is forgiveness of self. It comes down to where …

10 Ways How To Deal With The Injustices Of The World

Injustice is a topic these days. Social injustice, the unfairness of the treatment of others based on their skin color, religion, race, political, or sexual preference stands. The fight against injustice is a bloodied one, blazing, knotted full of lost souls and hopeful hearts.

It stems from the way we treat others who are different from us, such as the way minorities or women are projected and preyed upon. Some argue why fight a fight you can’t win.

How can an individual fight this injustice in the 21st century, fighting …

Being Self Honest Is The First Step Towards Contentment

Being honest appears to be a simple concept to abide by. To live a life of complete truthfulness, towards others and especially yourself. To adopt the core basic principles, for living a healthy happy life. Being honest, being real however is proving to be a difficult process to adopt.

The reason being, what being honest entails is enacting certain spiritual principles in yourself. The ones which can improve anxiety, anger, or addiction.

This spirituality isn’t to be confused with being religious, obeying to a god. But it’s rather finding ways …

If We Humans Are So Smart Why Do We Allow This To Happen

The planet earth we inhabit, this little spinning rock we are visitors on yet call home, is estimated to be at least 100 Million years old. We humans are the dominant species living on it, along with being its primary caretakers. Every human now has a life expectancy of around 81.2 years.

Humans are the alpha species over any other living creature, as we have the most developed functional logical brains on the planet.

This is because we’re capable of controlling and rationalizing, over any other living entity on this …

The Top 7 Common Myths When It Comes To Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a common condition, which prevents one from living the life they deserve. There’s also plenty of misinformation about its causes, as taking the wrong advice can lead to frustration, or even place your health in danger. Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common type, which affects millions.

What happens, is the immune system attacks the joint capsule. Once this occurs, the area then becomes swollen and inflamed, which causes the pain and discomfort.

Over time, it’s possible the cartilage and bone in the joint, can potentially become damaged. The …