What Are The Personality Traits Of The Pisces Sign

There are many who claim horoscopes are pure bunk, conjecture of the hopeful and the dreamers. What’s undisputed however are the 12 alignments of the astrological signs, which has been known since the dawn of history.

This was when mankind had no other guidance of keeping track other than the stars, earth, and the tides for reference.

Today, things aren’t really all that different, most still obey the zodiac. This hopefully not to the extremes of planning their day, what to wear or what to eat, this based on their …

How Stress Alters The Chemicals In The Brain

This is stress. That harsh rapid pounding thump that feels like a freight train running through your head and soul. Your mind and heart throbs, as that industrial vise like pressure clamps in. It’s known that stress damages how the brain should properly function.

To sustain a healthy functional brain, to maintain its intended structure connected and flowing, this stress level needs to be reduced.

What’s known for certain is that children and young adults, who are exposed to constant stress early in their lives, are more prone to having …

4 Natural Ways To Slow Down The Aging Process

Aging and getting older accelerates with time, as the clock and momentum will carry it forward non stop. That’s the one certain universal fact of life which most of us know will happen, but are not always willing to embrace or are prepared for.

So as the days turn into years, and father time and mother nature marches on, we begin spending a lot more time, effort and money in the attempts of slowing down the aging process.

This since we’re wanting to look and feel younger.

Some of our …

101 Secret Chef Tips For Holiday Cooking

We all cook out of necessity from home, to feed ourselves and our family and friends for another day. We do so as economically and hopefully as tasty as possible. At times, things don’t always go as planned according to the recipe at hand.

A chef is a trained professional, considered a trade, who’s capable of creating everyday foods we all enjoy into a feast for the senses. This with their specialized ingredients and preparation methods. There are secrets of the trade, which are capable of converting an ordinary dish …

How To Live Your Ultimate Life By Defining Your Purpose

You owe it to yourself to live the life you were destined to live. So ask yourself if you’re reaching your full potential or just chugging along, fulfilling the nuances and chores of another day. Do you need a life map to pinpoint exactly where you are?

Your life can be captured as if you were disorientated in a foreign city and becoming overwhelmed.

There you are, you don’t speak the language, you don’t understand the map, as blank faces stare back at you, once you ask for directions.

You …