How To Live Your Best Life By Defining Your Purpose

You owe it to yourself to live the life you were destined to live. So ask yourself if you’re reaching your full potential or just chugging along. Just fulfilling the nuances and chores of surviving another day. Do you need a life map to pinpoint exactly where you are?

Your life today can be a snapshot, as if you were disorientated in a foreign city and becoming overwhelmed.

There you are, you don’t speak the language, you don’t understand the map. Blank faces stare back at you, once you ask …

How This USA Online Jeweler Made My Wife Cry With This Gift

The gift of jewelry for your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, children, siblings or parents, is the perfect thoughtful gift they will cherish forever. Jewelry is the proven everlasting gift for their birthday, anniversary or any other special or festive occasion, such as graduation or Mother’s Day.

What’s now available are perfect high quality jewelry at affordable prices online. This without the hassle or delay of waiting in line, at a brick-and-mortar store downtown.

Shopping for jewelry on the Internet has become a simple, effective, safe time saving process.

It’s a …

Reasons Why We Judge People Without Justification

Judgment is the process of forming an opinion on someone or something, by making a comparison. What judgment does, is plays an important role in the decisions we need to make to live productively. At times the thoughts we hold, is what prevents us from having what we want the most.

Judgment is based on the thoughts we hold about people and things. It’s our biased opinion of what we think is right. These thoughts are the filters through which we view our world.

The limiting beliefs we hold about …

9 Healthy Alkaline Foods To Balance Your pH Levels

What the healthy human body needs is to be slightly alkaline on the pH scale, for it to function at its peak efficiency. The optimal pH level which suits our blood and body tissues, is around 7.4 on a scale of 14. So slightly more alkaline than acidic.

The various foods along with the essential nutrients we consume on a daily basis, after every meal, can tip the scale either way.

The convenient foods we all enjoy in the instant world we live in, such as processed foods, fast food, …

What Are The Personality Traits Of The Pisces Sign

There are many who claim horoscopes are pure bunk, conjecture of the hopeful and the dreamers. What’s undisputed however are the 12 alignments of the astrological signs, which has been known since the dawn of history.

This was when mankind had no other guidance of keeping track other than the stars, earth, and the tides for reference.

Today, things aren’t really all that different, most still obey the zodiac. This hopefully not to the extremes of planning their day, what to wear or what to eat, this based on their …