7 Ways On How To Improve Your Memory

Old age eventually gets the better of us, and one of its casualties is attempting to remember the small details we’re wanting to. It becomes difficult, to recall each and every instance we intend to keep in mind as the frustration and worry can grow.

We’ve all done this on occasion, we go into a certain room, go to the grocery store, or we sit in front of our computer and then suddenly draw a blank.

We completely forget what we were planning to do. We keep it as our …

This Is Your Life So Give It Your Best Shot

It all comes down to taking everything you’ve ever learned in your life, every experience and every fail, and then applying it to your every movement going forward from this moment on. This includes all of the hits and misses, the wins and loses you’ve experienced.

Many will learn a lot in their lives but will fail to define or apply them. So practical execution is necessary. We live for a limited time on a continuous journey that we direct. It’s our life, our destiny, our rules.

This is how …

The Introverts Guide To Say What You’re Really Thinking

Your boss suddenly appears and asks you something, which should be an easy reply for you. But it’s their imposing stance, the tone of their voice, their glaring impatient eyes that tells you they need an answer as soon as possible, like right now, like 5 seconds ago.

The request is a simple one, yet your mind suddenly goes blank as you gasp for something to say. You then begin to say something and suddenly stop mid sentence, having a momentary mental block.

Everyone around you takes notice as they …

5 Ways On How To Increase Emotional Intelligence

It’s been proven time and time again that in the real world, it’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that’s more important to success in life, rather than possessing a high IQ. Those having a high EQ measurement, has the ability to mindfully be aware of any situation surrounding them and will generally act accordingly. This allows these individuals to adapt to life crisis more maturely.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to function properly in any and all social or work related situations. The mindfulness to understand, comprehend, manage and react efficiently. The …

10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine

Other than becoming tipsy and your forehead and cheeks becoming flushed with glow, there are verified reasons that supports drinking wine, particularly red wine, is healthy for you.

It’s been shown that drinking a glass or two of wine offers certain health properties in a variety of different ways.

The most important being potentially avoiding certain major illnesses such as reducing the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

However, know that these standards are based on moderation, which doesn’t mean uncorking that bottle and thinking the more you drink the …