11 Key Vital Minerals The Human Body Needs For Survival

When you think of precious minerals, you think of gold and silver. But when your health is concerned, there are other more precious ones such as calcium and iron, which are far more important. Each of these dietary minerals are unique, and they carry out their own distinct life preserving task.

Researchers have divided these nutrients into two groups: major and trace minerals. The difference being how much of the mineral the body contains.

The major minerals are identified as such since there’s more of them in the body.

If …

How We Humans Mark Our Territories To Claim Our Space

What we instinctively do is mark our personal territory much like a dog would, once we’re in the presence of others. This at work, home, or on the subway. This space acts as an invisible shield, offers protection, setting a warning signal to someone if they’re too close.

Those of influence or someone who is beautiful, like politicians or movie stars, when they walk into a crowd, appears to have the ability to seemingly make more space for themselves.

So it appears the higher the status the individual is in …

Practice Is The One Exercise Those Who Succeed In Life Do

After all, we’re just as human as they are. What they constantly display however are superior human feats of ability, proving they’re better than us in what they do. So what makes someone excel. Is it genetics, drive, which enables them to exceed past us mere mortals.

Maybe it’s their brains. Do they think differently, use different or more brain cells. Some have superior talent than us, so were they born with it, or learned over time.

This becomes apparent when it comes to exceptional athletes, who are just more …

Natural Proven Ways To Instantly Reduce Your Stress Level

What the pounding of chronic stress does is it can shorten lives, wreak havoc on the body and mind, which results in burnout and an early demise. It’s one of the key hazards of a busy life which can take a toll, for those who are attempting to keep busy in the world.

This burnout process can creep up on you, and will one day show its consequences with poor health.

The stress begins to accumulate, which deters you from doing normal everyday things you enjoy doing, such as eating …

How To Keep The Brain Active And Alert As You Age

It’s usually politely called having a senior moment, as “forgetting” is excused as an inevitable part of the aging process. What’s undisputed and accepted by many is it’s perfectly normal to begin experiencing slight memory lapses, by the time most reach middle age.

There are some who disagree however. If there is any type of memory disorder, there are certain changes in their lifestyle they can alter.

This to slow down the decline of memory loss or possibly even reverse it. At the very least, to minimize the damage of …