Proven Ways On How To Make Friends And Gain Respect

It’s only human nature to want others to like and respect us, for who we are. To accomplish this, the first step is placing the focus back on them. This by making people feel better about themselves. This is a simple yet effective rule, when it comes to developing friendship and becoming liked.

The principle of this is straightforward. If you meet someone new and you leave a favorable impression, by making them feel good about themselves, then they’ll want to see you again.

They will find opportunities to seek …

How To Make Adjustments To Your Current Life Circumstances

One of the biggest discrepancies in our society, is how wealth inequality and wealth acquisition occurs. The issues stem from what it’s roots are, why some people and countries are poor while others get rich. On a personal level, how one is able to generate and maintain more wealth than their peer.

Life is a game of risk, of chance and a strategy, such as what the game of poker represents, metaphorically speaking. The gamble that is wealth generation when compared to life, is somewhat similar.

When playing poker, you’re …

5 Ways To Make A Great 1st Impression Meeting Someone New

It’s been known making a great memorable first impression when meeting someone new, is key. But it’s also been said that first impressions are often cured by a second look. Especially once you get to know the person better.

So whether it’s for a job interview, a hot blind date, or for any other purpose when you’re initially meeting someone you haven’t met before. You have a split-second to come across golden.

There are mounds of research suggesting, we do pay particular attention when it comes to remembering certain people.…

The Need To Avoid The Narcissists In Your Life

What we all have are these attention seeking dramatic people in our lives. You know the ones who thrives and feeds on constantly creating petty chaos wherever they go, intentional or not. Once you recognize them, what you want is to steer clear away from their theatrics.

These individuals do so to garner attention back to themselves, once they begin feeling deprived, just to feed their low self esteem.

What they’re capable of is creating instant drama on demand in everything they do, or wherever they go.

They thrive on …

How To Retain Customers Using Relationship Marketing

What’s known is it costs a lot more to acquire a new customer for your business or service, than it does keeping your most loyal ones. For this reason alone, the best way of becoming more profitable, is by keeping your most loyal customers by they continuing to patronize you.

What this leads to, is learning better relationship marketing.

In this world of instant gratification we now live in, it’s known these once “regular” customers, are no longer as loyal as they once were.

At one time, these customers searched …